Many thrive off drama and negativity, WHY? i guess because that’s all they know


DRAMA! Is something that I just can’t tolerate anymore. I used to be heavy into watching reality TV and the shenanigans’ that transpired on my TV screen. A lot of it was hilarious and stupid at the same time. Lately! I haven’t watched or even had the desire to watch anymore reality shows because I’m over it. Not only have I watched DRAMA on TV but I have a few people who are close to me who have non-stop DRAMA going in their lives. Some situations are legitimate gripes and then there are those where I just don’t feel like hearing it because it’s nonsense and getting a bit played out.

I know folks are probably saying, “She got an attitude”, “She think shebetter than us”… Well! Yes I do have an attitude. I have an attitude where I desire positive relationships that will encourage more…

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