Material possessions does not equal happiness. One could have everything they could ever dream or imagine and yet still be UNHAPPY





Be Happy! To be happy is to simply, just BE! Believe it or not there are those who cringe at the way you smile and wonder “What you smiling so hard for!!”………..

They want it! but guess what? They can’t take what they didn’t give…

I remember one day someone asked me, “What you smiling so hard for?” and the tone they used it in was as if my smile irritated them so much that they had to ask me that question. At that time I felt some kind of way because I thought to myself, ‘Why in the world would they be so annoyed by my smile’ later on it occurred to to me that, that person was in a miserable state of mind at that time. I don’t think it was a personal statement towards me, so I then realized that they were only displaying…

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