Dream Sing Write was created by writer/blogger Tiffany Moniq’ who decided to create her own lane by taking you on the journey of what it’s like in the life of a dreamer who made her own dreams come true in spite of adversity. A perfect picture she doesn’t care to paint, she just wants to share her gifts.  She’s a multi-talented natural beauty from Philadelphia, PA who began her career as a blogger interviewing up and coming music artists from the Philadelphia Tri-State area on the Rise & Grind: “The Interviews”  (Web Series) formerly known by her pen name “Miss LIV” in October of 2012. Since then, she has not only become a blogger but a writer and self published author of A Rose Forever Thorned  (April 2016). She’s a  song-writer, vocalist,  model, actress in short films and much more.

Be on the look out for her as she prepares to release some music of her own and hitting up the “Hot Spots” in 2018.


 “It’s  funny how when cultivating one gift another hidden gift can spring forth into action. GIFTS! However many you possess will make room for you. Never stop! ” -Tiffany Moniq’