Be Happy! To be happy is to simply, just BE! Believe it or not there are those who cringe at the way you smile and wonder “What you smiling so hard for!!”………..

They want it! but guess what? They can’t take what they didn’t give…

I remember one day someone asked me, “What you smiling so hard for?” and the tone they used it in was as if my smile irritated them so much that they had to ask me that question. At that time I felt some kind of way because I thought to myself, ‘Why in the world would they be so annoyed by my smile’ later on it occurred to to me that, that person was in a miserable state of mind at that time. I don’t think it was a personal statement towards me, so I then realized that they were only displaying their feelings of how unhappy they actually were and that the light of my smile was interrupting their darkness.


Many fail to realize that HAPPINESS is within and not in what one may have. I too had to learn for myself what true happiness meant and what it actually feels like. Happiness is a state of mind and being, what one think is who they are and what they will eventually become. It took me a while to finally be at a place in my life where I can accept my past, grow into the woman I am today and be more accepting to what the future holds and I must say my future is looking very promising. As soon as I changed my atmosphere and let go of some people in my life that’s when everything started to unfold and I have been so happy. No! I don’t have all of my hearts desires at this moment but I have hope and faith that it’s coming sooner than I think. I don’t have all the material possessions I would like to have, but yet I’m still in a happy state of mind.


It’s ironic how out of the most tragic or even unsettling of situations can bring about the good in life. Those very things have shaped and molded me into this day and they still are. Forever growing, forever learning is a gift within itself…… There are many people who will never learn because they find comfort in whatever state of mind they are in. Many people gravitate towards negativity because well… negativity is what they like and then there are those who gravitate towards the positive and positive begets the better things in life…….

Everyday I fight for … PEACE!, HAPPINESS! and JOY!. I fight with my mind body and soul and I will go down fighting if I have to for these very things. It’s said that once you start to LOVE yourself and be HAPPY with yourself, that is when all your desires and everything unimaginable starts to come to fruition. The only way to truly be happy is to renew your mind, remove what hinders your growth in any aspect of your life. Sadly! Many of the things that hold us back from the good in life are family, friends, and significant others. There are sacrifices to be made for each level in life, in order for us to gain we have to lose. Let go of all the weights that keep you from having an abundant life……..

Smile! It drives people CRaZy!

Miss, LIV

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  1. Reblogged this on Miss, LIV and commented:
    Material possessions does not equal happiness. One could have everything they could ever dream or imagine and yet still be UNHAPPY


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