Bizkit isn’t a Bizkit until you add some Gravy and a little bit of Butta. Philly’s own the PHATBOIZ are behind some of the most popular songs we hear being played on our radio’s to date. The dynamic trio’s sound is so unique that Grammy award winner John Legend had to sign them to his HomeSchool Entertainment production company, which then led the three to be nominated for two Soul Train Awards and took home the ‘Ashford & Simpson‘ songwriter’s award for ‘Tonight’ (Best you ever had) sung by John Legend himself. These three are destined for success and they can not be stopped. They have also partnered up with Compound Entertainments family, which includes Ne-YoRaVaughn and many more… These Philly natives are on the rise or better yet have risen to the dope beat ‘BOIZ’ status for being one of many talented producers coming from their home town of  P.H.I.L.L.Y.

Sigma Sound Studio Art

Finally! I got the chance to visit the legendary Sigma Sound studio to witness what goes on behind the scenes of a smash hit record. As I sat patiently waiting for the guys to rap up their session I was blown away at what I heard. I got the chance to sit it on one of Motown’s recording artist MPrynt an R&B group also from Philly for their hit song coming to your speakers in 2014.

‘FAH’ of MPrynt and ‘Butta’ of the PHATBOIZ

FAH, one of the members from MPrynt was killin it in the booth, while Keith ‘Butta’ was karate chopping up the track, and  in comes Allen ‘Bizkit’  adding that funky BASS line to it and I was just DONE! YAAASSS! LOL! I tried so hard to keep my composure and I did not want to yell and mess up somebody studio session. I was not trying to get put out so I held in my excitement, closed my eyes and let the music take control.  (Due to copyright laws and privacy I could not do any audio recording)

Sigma Sound Studio

I don’t know all there is to know about music and the tools and instruments to make hits, but what I do know is…  this thing right here blew my mind. Crazy state of the art system, that puts nothing but that flavor in your ears….

It was a special treat I wasn’t expecting and I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully I get to do many more interviews like this one  (Fingers Crossed). It was a pleasure to finally meet the trio masterminds behind all this good sounding music I’ve been hearing. I would like for you all to meet Keith ‘Butta’ JusticeClayton ‘Gravy’ Reilly and Allen ‘Bizkit’ Arthur of PHATBOIZENT. The ‘PH’ is where they’re from and who they rep, while giving us that ‘PHAT’ sound the ‘BOIZ’ are ready, better yet they’ve been ready to show us all what the P.H.I.L.L.Y. is really made of. Unfortunately! Gravy could not be there in the flesh with us during the interview but thankfully for technology we Skyped him in on the conversation. These three guys are hilarious……

Butta, Gravy (on the laptop) and Bizkit

In the middle of our interview Gravy says, ” I feel like a Robot, kinda like ‘Johnny 5’ the robot”, ( All four of us busts out laughing) because he was on the screen and not with us at the moment LOL! CTHUP! Bizkit and Butta grew up together and attended Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), where Bizkit played the Saxophone and Butta on the keys. As time progressed Bizkit and Butta met a Trumpet player by the name of Clayton Reilly which later became known as ‘Gravy’ and their PHATBOI family was complete. Gravy is just a pure comedian because he went missing from the screen for a few seconds then he popped up with his trumpet, had all of us just dying laughing. He said something just came over him and he just wanted to pull out his Trumpet LMBO!

Miss, LIV & Butta
Miss, LIV & Bizkit

The Boiz are currently working on new projects and expanding their ‘PHATBOIZENT’ family. Bizkit was so kind enough to let me take a sneak listen to the project they’ve been working on with Dunson featuring Philly’s own Chill Moody and Beano and let me tell you, this thing right herr, this thing right herr is FIIRREE!. Dunson is an up and coming hip-hop MC from the DMV (Maryland) in which I heard has all of D.C. and Maryland rooting for him.

The PHATBOIZ resume is spectacular…. These talented guys work just to name a few includes…. Ledisi “I Miss You Now”Beyonc’e “DeJavu” (Bizkit on the Saxophone)Miguel “The Thrill” and they’ve also teamed up with Ne-Yo for TLC’s ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ biopic on the hit single ‘Meant To Be’ yeah! that be them BOIZ. I call the PHATBOIZ musical geniuses, for to be able to make melodies out of thin air is nothing but sharing the melody of one’s soul. Thank you guys so much for inviting me to the studio, I had a fun time and I hope to meet Gravy aka ‘Johnny 5’ when he’s in town. Let me know and your girl Miss, LIV will be there.

  A Bizkit! isn’t a Bizkit until it’s sopped up with some Gravy and a little bit of Butta.. 

– Miss, LIV (PhillyBayBEEy)




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