What I been Up To…



The first week of June has been a fun-filled week for me. I finally took some time off for myself and just had a ball. I did a little shopping, long stroll in the park, music video’s and to top it all off, I won tickets to see Boyz II Men perform LIVE at the Tower Theater. I don’t even know where to begin but I will give you a guys a little sneak peek as to What I been Up To.


My week started off with the most beautiful days. I soaked up the sun and fresh air, which was well need. Its the little things that please me and makes me happy. I work so much and do so much that at times I forget to stop and take a deep breath of fresh air just to clear my mind. Thanks to a friend of mine who stopped by and suggested I go for a walk and enjoy nature. Great Choice! and it made me feel better.Beauty12









I’m very spontaneous when it comes to having a good time and there is no such thing as a good time without “FOOD”. It was nice and warm all week-long so I made something light and tasty like my favorite “Spinach Cranberry” salad with gorgonzola cheese, red cheery tomato’s and raspberry walnut dressing. I also whipped up some “Chicken Stir Fry” with green peppers, onions and fresh chopped garlic LAWD! My guest and I ate the whole thing. Oh! I can’t forget to mention the delicious “YAGO” Sant’Gria I hooked up that was also gone by the end of the night LOL!, well it was gone by the end of the night.  My friend waited til last-minute to mention the Brandy that was supposed to go along with it SMH.


I’m so glad I went clothes shopping the day before I got the email that A’rin Leon’s (Formerly known as Leon Tomas of Hazie Blu) “Live For It” music video was scheduled for the evening. The funny thing about that day was we were scheduled to shoot at one location but ran into some difficulties and couldn’t record. I seen the look on my friends face and I had to figure something out and quick. Big thank you to “Boom” Smith for allowing us to use his space at the last possible moment. I don’t know what the guys what have done if they weren’t able to record their video.

All this fun in one week is What I Been Up To…


Luckily the venue wasn’t too far away from the original spot so all who arrived on time were easily redirected to the new location.  I seen some familiar faces and met some new ones.  Liveforit3








BoyzIIMen1The ultimate ending to a wonderful week is finding out you won 2 tickets to see Philly’s own “Boyz II Men” ” Motown Philly’s Back Again” perform at the Tower Theater. It was so unexpected and once again I have to say  thank you to Philly360 and Live Nation for the complimentary tickets.  I had a great time and I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m catching a flight for sure for my next week off from work. Where? Next stop California Well! There you have it, for all those who were wondering this is What I Been Up To..



MissLIv outside the Tower Theater after the awesome Boyz II Men concert




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