Shoot with Chip & Tiffany (Video)



Tiffany Moniq’ (Travis Southard 2017)

Check out the BTS  video of my shoot with Chris “Chip” as us crazy kids hit up Old City Philadelphia on one of the coldest days ever to snap a few flicks.

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Shoot with Chip & Tiffany by Travis Southard

Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

The Underground Realroad UGRR Episode 2: Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

“Ima Support Mine ‘Cause You Mine”

Last week! I visited  IIrdFloorCountry Studios to sit in on the panel of The Underground Realroad’s episode 2 “Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own”. I’m sure all of us who are aspiring to be independent unsigned artists,  musicians,  actors, or even creative entrepreneurs wonder the same and ask ourselves the same question. Why is that when it comes to celebrities we show more love and make them our WCW and MCM’s but the homegirl around the way who we watched grind her way to stardom trying to make it won’t get the same love like Queen Bey why? Is it that the ones closest to us don’t believe that we can reach for the stars or is it that unseen silent hate?

Watch  to find out!

Part 1

Part 2

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Rise & Grind: The Interviews (Chill Moody)

#TBT Rise & Grind: The Interviews “Chill Moody”

Tiffany Moniq'

 Rise & Grind “The Interviews” Chill Moody and I sat down at Natalie’s Lounge for a  chit chat and a quick freestyle.

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Eli Costello “Superman” (Official Music Video)

“I just wanna, Fly like an Eagle and let it go beneath me and get back to my people, I see you – Eli Costello “Superman”

I watched this video at least 10 times last week because it’s just so damn jiggy. “Superman” is a single off the upcoming Adventures of Eli Costello and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD

I met Eli at “Dancin On Air” first meeting, as all the dancers were freestyling in the crowd  showing off their moves and crazy foot work. Well what do you know, this guy has good music so check him out!