Broken Pieces

Tiffany Moniq

I’ve been knocked down many times but I’ve always found a way to get back up. Even if I had to do it on my own or learn something new I did. I have no degrees nor am I an expert. I’m just gifted by the most high and creativity runs through my veins. I gathered up all my broken pieces and created something out of nothing.

Turn all your pain into something beautiful that lasts forever

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I guess you can say I’m official NOW! because I finally landed my first PAID writing gig last evening. I was in total shock to hear someone say “Can you write for me?”. For a whole year I wondered if others read some of my work or even found my work to be even interesting to read. I tried to tap into every source that I knew to promote my work and affiliate myself with some of those who knew more than me or even knew people who I should have been talking to, to further my career in writing. Needless to say many of those who I contacted or inquired about learning more about my craft failed to contact me.

When one gets paid to do what they love, it’s PRICELESS…

Meanwhile, during the no call backs, follow backs etc… I still manage to keep up my momentum during my journey. I attended many events in 2013 that has opened many other doors and placed me around people that shared the same passions, desires and goals such as myself.  I got worried, impatient and even thought about giving up because I didn’t see things going the way I thought they should have. But no matter what I still kept going.

So Official! 

Getting that call made me feel at ease and that let me know that all my hard work was not going unnoticed. They went on to exclaim how they liked my writing style and was referred by a friend and they wanted me to help them write their life story. Can you say WOWZA! LOL! I was honored and a little intimidated at the same time. Finally! There is someone out there that actually believes in my work and they like it so much that they would entrust me with their life story.  I’m gonna have to get used to saying the word ‘Client’ from now on.

I just can’t believe that I’m finally living one of my dreams, it’s actually surreal as of this moment. And to think that all this started from a little girl who would day-dream and think so BIG that her dreams would start to come true. Ms. Official is her name …..

Miss, LIV -PhillyBayBEEy