Thursdays 4 Love (Saint Lazarus Bar)

It’s been a rough ride but I ended 2017 on a good note hanging out at one of fishtown’s hot spots Saint Lazarus Bar with DJ Matthew Law spinning at Thursdays 4 Love.

Check out all the love below



Shoot with Chip & Tiffany (Video)



Tiffany Moniq’ (Travis Southard 2017)

Check out the BTS  video of my shoot with Chris “Chip” as us crazy kids hit up Old City Philadelphia on one of the coldest days ever to snap a few flicks.

Click video below!


Shoot with Chip & Tiffany by Travis Southard

You Are The Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat



Photography: Carvin Haggins


Could it be that you are the perfect verse over a tight beat? The melody to their song, hitting every note on key. Could it be that your bass and tremble inspires their next verse? Could it be the sound of your sweet melodic voice that flows effortlessly making them turn up volume and bump the beat.  Could it be that you are the perfect verse over a tight beat – (Brown Sugar)


What a joy  and pleasure it is to have someone think of you in a way such as this. They love everything about  your quirky ways, your imperfections  and all the rest that makes you unique and stand out from the rest. Being near and around you inspires them to be GREAT!. You differ in so many ways but yet still connect on a level unknown. You’re drawn by their positive energy and their laugh is so contagious. When it’s time to leave it’s hard to let go and say goodbye.

Could it be that Your Are The Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat!?

It’s not about what you have or what you can give it’s who you are that makes them you all the more attractive. Your presence makes them forget all about their problems, the world is a much better place with you in it and them with you.  Your voice is like music to their ears, the way you laugh is so cute and everything, everything  about you is perfectly imperfect.

Could it be that You Are The Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat!?