Anything that can grow through concrete is one tough cookie. It’s weighed down, no rain, no sunlight and no nurturing but yet it finds a way to grow. It grows just as beautiful as if the soil has been tended to, drenched with rain, and rays from the sun.

You are weighed down, receive little to no love, no warm touches and left to dry up and crumble but yet you always find a way to bounce back. Great things grow in the darkest of places.

Dreams Do Come True!

Tiffany Moniq

There will be times when you doubt yourself and your ability to keep moving forward but trust that DREAMS do and they can come true. I myself struggle with self-doubt from time-to-time  but it’s that small voice on the inside that keeps cheering me on to the next level. I’m a fighter by nature who let’s nothing or no one hold me back or pin me down. I face uncertainty and discouragement on the path to my destiny but it’s my belief in self and my strength that allows me to keep my head held high even when others don’t see my potential.

I struggled this past weekend with my ability to keep moving forward and I felt myself drowning deep in my insecurities. I was starting to look at what I didn’t have instead of focusing on what I do have and that’s a DREAM that I have been watching come true year after year. I may not be what others what me to be and I may not be the ideal look and I’m okay with that. I woke up this morning and I had to remind myself who I was and that there is no one like me and there is no one like You!.

Keep your HEAD UP!

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Strong On my Own



Many people don’t know or even realize how much strength it takes to keep one’s head held high in the midst of struggle and to survive. Every strong person I know of has been knocked down countless of times, but no matter how many times they’ve been knocked down they always seemed to have enough strength to get back up and try it again. Lately! I’ve been feeling a bit emotional and it takes a lot out of me to be Strong On My Own!


I’m at a place where I need someone to be strong with me, for I can’t always be Strong On My Own…..


I’m strong on my own because I have no choice but to be. I’m not having a pity party or looking for sympathy, I just need to get this out. As I stated before writing is therapy for me and it helps me to move forward by getting my feelings out on paper (in this case Blogging). I find that I give so much even too much of myself that I receive little or nothing in return and that leaves me feeling a bit empty. I thank those who have checked up on me this past weekend and shared their concern and gave some words of wisdom and encouragement. Now listen! Don’t get me wrong, any encouraging words of wisdom, poem, and/or phrase is a good thing for comfort to a person in a time of need but honestly I don’t find it all to be genuine. I feel as though  some people just quote scripture because they are programmed to and it sounds like the right thing(s) to say at the moment. Just be human, I’d rather you be human and say nothing or just simply send a smiley face or hug.


I carry a lot knowing I shouldn’t. I don’t intentionally do it just is. I have no choice but to have my own back (My experience has taught me). Yes!  I do too much at times but its all for my future and future family if I’m blessed to that level. give because that’s who I am, I do because there was a time when I wanted someone to do for me but NOT!. I’m a lover at heart because I am that is who I was created to be.


I hope none of you misunderstand me. Don’t judge my words  just hear my voice. Don’t try and fix me just be there for me. I may cry, I may get angry and impatient but it’s only because I have no choice but to be Strong On My Own…




Her Name Is Courage

Her name is Courage! No matter what she sees, yet she still finds the strength to move on. A life filled with many No’s and very little Yes’s she still finds the strength to move on. She work’s hard to the bone, never begging nor borrowing and yet she still finds the strength to move on. I wonder where her source of her strength comes from? As a little girl she dreamed the unimaginable, not knowing that one day all her thoughts, desire’s and her dreams would soon come true. 

Sometimes her past haunts her and whispers the language of defeat. But yet again she sees, she’s aware but she still finds the strength to move on. They hate her for her diligence and they hate her because she’s fearless. “How dare she take the leap of faith and leave fear behind, Who does she think she is that she can just dust off adversity and walk in her destiny?” is what they say. She sees the look in the enemies eyes, she knows the enemy wants to see her fall but she won’t go down without a fight. She’s a tough little cookie! She’s a fighter by nature (not physical) but her spirit is strong and her soul is anchored in a strength that this world can’t comprehend. 



All things have worked together for her good. Her dreams and her passions are coming to life right before her very eyes. For the first time in her life she feels beautiful. flaws and all she loves every inch of her physical being and she is at peace with her soul. She’s becoming the creator’s mold, he’s the potter and she’s the clay. Each day she notices the additions her maker is adding to her being. He shapes and he molds her from the inside and the beauty of his work  reflects on the outside. When she smiles the heavens sing a praise, when she cries He sends an angel to ease her pain. When she laughs He smiles through her her funny little giggle, He created that!


Her name is Courage!