Dilworth Park

As we travel along the road to our destiny, life will throw at us many challenges and teach us hard lessons. Life challenges us to become greater than we could ever imagine and the lessons we learn help us to grow and mature into the man and/or woman that we are to be. Not many are able to withstand the impact of life’s challenges and understand the lessons given.Strength comes when we go through some of the most trying times in our lives so that we’ll be able to hold our heads held high and walk Life’s Runway.

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A Rose Forever Thorned



I had so much fun painting the City of Philadelphia with some Brown skin on yesterday shooting with funny photographer Chris “Chip” . We hit up Rittenhouse Square to get a few park flicks then we headed on over to Dilworth Park to play in the sprinklers. I got wet a bit but that was cool. It was a bit steamy as we walked through out the City looking for hot spots so I could do my infamous POSE!.


Stay tuned for more for more flicks!