Black Money

I’ve known Kenny Parker “Illadelp” for some time now and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we hosted a show for emerging underground artist and my many visits to Soundwavez Studio to watch emcees get down on the mic. Illadelp is not concerned with catching mainstream’s attention,  he’s just sharing his story through the art of a taste of the  underground hip-hop era. Check out his latest “Black Money” album.  Click on the image above and it’ll take you on a storytelling lyrical journey. No Trap! No Autotune! just Hip-Hop.





Young City EP


Hazie Blu x The Bul Bey


Friday, July 28, 2017 Illvibe Collective will be releasing NEW MUSIC with the hip-hop and r&b sounds from the Hazie Blu  x The Bul Bey Young City EP exclusively on iTunes.


Hazie Blu (Meet the Crew)

Hazie Blu Collective

“Meet The Crew”


It’s been about a good year and more since I’ve known Hazie Blu. I met these guys while interviewing singer/songwriter Yufi Zewdu at the James Oliver Gallery after their performance in February of 2013 and I been in love with them ever since. As I was walking up the 50 flights of steps at the JOG (LOL! 3 flights) my ears heard a tune they haven’t heard in quite some time. I couldn’t believe that these young men exuded so much soul and they are not only artists but musicians who can carry their own tune. Let me introduce to you Tony (Drums), A’rin Leon (Vocals/Keys), Cody (Electric Guitar) and Wil  (Bass). These guys have been rocking out with each other for over 3 years and counting. They have a bond that makes them more than band mates, they have brotherly love.

Keith "Tony" Weatherley (Drums)

Keith “Tony” Weatherley (Drums) Globalview Photography


Cody "CodeNine" Ashlock (Electric/Acoustic Guitar) Globalview Photography

Cody “CodeNine” Ashlock (Electric Guitar)
Globalview Photography


Hazie Blu Collective JDK Photography

Hazie Blu Collective
JDK Photography


You can catch these fellas Summer of 2014 along with other talented acts in the Philadelphia area. Stay tuned and keep your ears open to these four gentlemen who bring Soul, Hip-hop, and R&B. Don’t worry MissLIV will keep you posted on whats to come. Follow these guys now on Facebook and Twitter

Wil Bond (Acoustic/Bass) Globalview Photography

Wil Bond (Bass)
Globalview Photography


A'rin Leon Tomas (Vocalist/Keys) Globalview Photography

A’rin Leon Tomas (Vocalist/Keys)
Globalview Photography