Shoot with Chip & Tiffany (Video)



Tiffany Moniq’ (Travis Southard 2017)

Check out the BTS  video of my shoot with Chris “Chip” as us crazy kids hit up Old City Philadelphia on one of the coldest days ever to snap a few flicks.

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Shoot with Chip & Tiffany by Travis Southard

Made for This


Chipbutnodale 2017 Old city Philadelphia, PA 

Even when the odds are stacked up against me I can always find a reason to walk with my head held high. I never knew how strong I was until I was faced with life’s sudden changes and truly love myself good, bad or indifferent. I no longer strive for perfection because I love all my flaws.  I always wondered what type of woman I would become and through all this I now know that I was Made for This.

Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration

Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration

Saturday April 25, 2015


Visual Artist/Painter Mr. James Dupree has finally won the battle against Eminent Domain Abuse by reclaiming the deed that was once taken and seized by the City of Philadelphia back in 2012. Dupree Studios in the Mantua section of West Philadelphia celebrated a victory on Saturday April 25, 2015 with live entertainment, great food, arts and crafts for the children and a tour of what this man has built for the community with his own hands.

Giadelphia – “Lean Back With Ya Retrospect” –  (FREESTYLE)

 The City of Philadelphia tried to seize and take owned property from the Mantua community by force but the man who couldn’t back down without a good fight WON! Sadly! 50 other residents and home owners lost their battle because they chose not to take advantage of their rights like Mr. Dupree and fight the system. Gia! the daughter of Mr. Dupree created a campaign to raise awareness and help her father take back what she has watched him build over the years. Thanks to the help of The Institute for JusticeArt Above Reality and many others for spreading awareness and fighting the good fight all for the love of the Arts.

Hazie Blu (Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration)

Hazie Blu (FlashwerkPhotography)

Hazie Blu (FlashwerkPhotography)

Mayor Michael Nutter returns the deed to property owner James Dupree’s art studio. Congrats Mr. Dupree on fighting the good fight!

Catch Hazie Blu  perform for world renowned visual artist James Dupree at “Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration”  at 3617 Haverford Ave. Phila, PA 19104 Saturday April 25, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Hazie Blu Performs at 7:00 p.m.)


Let’s keep the ARTS alive by celebrating!