Big Hair Don’t Care


I chose my identity and what I wanted to look like

I’ve fallen in love with myself and my hair since I went natural back in 2012. It was a self-made decision that led me to want to see my natural beauty without extensions, hair pieces and the infamous Creamy Crack. I didn’t do the Big Chop like most women who decided to go natural I slowly transitioned and watched the transformation of not only my natural hair journey but of self. Being faced with ridicule and questions as to why I would want to walk around with “Nappy Hair” or here’s a good one “You look better with your hair Straighten”. For those who don’t know me I’m a bit stubborn and a little rebellious when it comes to who it is that I am or want to be so by me being me I ignored all the rude judgemental comments and walk around with my Big Hair! because it’s clear that I don’t care.


Photography by: Plashphotography March 2015

I knew I was going to be judged, and see dissatisfied grimaces on the faces of those who hate and oppose the freedom of Natural Hair. I know what it’s like to be accustomed to a way of life and a certain way of dress but during that time I chose my identity and what I wanted to look like. Many didn’t like it! Why? I guess because they were used to me looking and being a certain or maybe I didn’t look like everyone else. I stood out among those who relied on the 20 inch weaves and wig caps and that was a No! No! Many people are slaves to the standards of society buying what others tell them to buy to look and be the image of what the world considers to be the only type of beauty.


April 2015 Blow Out & Flat Iron

Please! Don’t get me wrong I love make-up, clothes, shoes, and added hair whenever I feel like something different I just do it.  I always do an annual “Length Check” around March or April to see how long my hair has gotten and I kept it straighten the whole month of April. I usually trim my hair unless I want a specific funky cut otherwise I’m my stylist, manicurist, and all the other good stuff LOL!. I love the freedom and the versatility that comes with rocking natural hair.

Will I ever wear it straight again YES!

Will I add a few extra strands of hair to mine YES!

WHY? Because It’s my BIG Hair and I don’t care. 

Psst! “I love Being BLACK”


It appears that the majority of us get so uncomfortable with who we are as African-American, Black etc..and when we do express our natural selves and or embrace who it is that we are as a race we are considered to be ‘Too Black’ or too different from the rest of society’s standards of what it we are supposed to look, to be and to act like. I love being black and it nothing like it.

“I have a desire to be unique and to stand apart from the rest, so I love being BLACK”…..

We have been stripped of our heritage for so many generations and were told to be less of a negro and be more like a robot to others standards of beauty is. Sadly! This is why African-Americans are the only race of people who can never fully embrace their ethnicity as BLACK being the ‘Thing To Be’.

We were taught that being black is a bad thing and encouraged to look like everyone else to be accepted. Through my travels throughout the city I see so many young black girls with 20 to 40 inch weaves trying to imitate the ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ lifestyle. I’m not knocking any woman for wearing hair extensions, weaves, or pieces because I too used to wear them at one time in my life.

Expression is uniquely yours in whatever way you like to portray , but never lose sight of who it is that you are. “I love being BLACK”

It’s funny to me when another race of people commit a crime or offends one of us (African-American), we are so quick to stand up for our blackness then but when it happens within our own communities and behind closed doors any kind of treatment is tolerated especially when it comes to Dark verses Light, Good Hair versus Natural Hair and the beat goes on. I imagine all the energy it must take to bring down a race of people being redirected into a positive force that will encourage the building up of a people. But no! we don’t have time or even care about those issues.


We’ve been taught to deny the greatness we possess and the abilities we have. We’ve been taught to hate our image and deny the rich blood running through our veins. I encounter countless African-American men and women who are extremely intelligent but the thing is their intelligence are being exploited and used to dumb down a race. “If your black your ugly” they say, ” If your black you won’t get anywhere in life” they say,. I say the devil is a liar and I love being BLACK!