Funny Sunny Weekend

SPICE C Philly

It’s been all rain and no shine in the City of Brotherly love the past few months but this past weekend I got the chance to have my very own Funny… Sunny… Weekend. A good friend of mine hung out with me and we decided to hit up China Town  to grab a quick bite from a sports bar Bar-Ly. before we headed over to the Trocadero to see stand up comedian Ron Funches  . He was in town on his “Funch-a-Mania” tour making the crowd laugh (and my cheeks hurt) as he shared his love for Dwayne “The Roc” Johnson and cracked small jokes about his current weight lose. You can find Ron on NBC’s Powerless TV series as himself or catch him on tour in your City.

After all that laughter I was dreadfully hungry so we decided to stay in the area and grab dinner at SPICE C Chinese restaurant and order the Hot Pot spicy seafood bowl, Szechuan chicken and crab Rangoon and literally pigged out. We got there close to closing time so we ordered, gobbled as much as we could and headed over to Milk Boy to sip some cocktails and watch the NBA finals Cavaliers (137) vs Warriors (116) game. Soon after the game we ordered another round then called it a night. I don’t get a chance to get out much due to my busy schedule so when I do I take advantage of the full day given and have myself a Funny… Sunny… Weekend!.




Bey and CodeNine did an excellent job collaborating on the Infatuation EP Itunes, released on the day of love Valentine’s Day for all the lovers who were snowed in together over this past weeks snow storm. Infatuation! where Hip-hop meets that Oh! So! smooth and sensual R&B. CodeNine get’s a little sexy with us with one of my favorites Say “Yeah”  I love the way the beat just drops and releases its sexy vibe. What girl in her right mind would want to utter the word No!?

Such an intense passion and admiration for his music………Infatuation!


Photo Credit: Miss, LIV

Bey and CodeNine also performed the new single Say “Yeah” at Milk Boy, Saturday February, 15, 2014 alongside other up and coming Philly artist. Halfro, Verbatum ‘Verb’ Jones and of course the one and only Hazie Blu was in the building cutting all the way up.


‘Tony’ (Drummer of Hazie Blu)
Photo Credit: Miss, LIV

Haven’t seen Hazie Blu’s  Tony in a while, it was so good to see all of the guys this New Year. I must say the more and more these guys come together, the better they sound.  From the first moment my ears heard the sound of Hazie Blu back in February 2013 I was hooked. HBC ‘Hazie Blu Crew‘ were so proud of their brother CodeNine doing his thing and finally coming from behind the scenes and giving Philly a little taste of what’s to come. CodeNine is not only a guitarist and vocalist, he’s a songwriter/producer for many other up and coming Indie artists with acts like Jenn ‘Osaigbovo‘, Hazie Blu and many more…

I must say Bey knows what to do once he hits the stage. As always he has great energy and a crazy vibe that  gets the crowd going. If you’ve ever been to one of his shows you’ll see that Bey is in his element and he has fun with entertaining the crowd with his lyrical flow. Bey got my attention at Hazie Blu’s album release party, which yours truly co-hosted along with Will Simon.  One of my other favorite tracks on the Infatuation EP is ‘Hear Me Out’ now this track right here sounds like someone is trying to get something off their chest that they couldn’t form in words so they put it in this song. The beat!   CRaZy and Bey slays this track to the fullest. I was killi’N it in my livingroom listening to it too LOL!.

Photo Credit: Miss, LIV

It’s not easy finding the right pieces to one’s creative puzzle…Bey and CodeNine are the perfect combo!! 

–Miss, LIV


CodeNine opens the door to his sensual side. If you watch him closely as plays he’s actually making  love to his guitar and if you like the sound of it as much as I do it will eventually entrap you and take you into a zone .  There are so many words he would say but he’d rather show you and ‘Demonstrate’ .  He has the ‘Stage Set’ giving his listeners an intense passionate session while he get’s completely lost in a zone, completely lost in his music. He’s so Infatuated!

Say Yeah! Performed LIVE at Milk Boy 2.15.14