“Jazz, Funk & Soul”


Kauffman & Bartlett Music held yet another “KBM UNTAPPED” event at Hard Rock Cafe (Philly). The house was fully packed despite the heavy down pours which left a few visitors soaked that evening. There were a lot of visitors in the City over this past weekend  in which left packed tables leaving literally standing room only, with gentlemen in suits who looked as if they knew they were coming to have a good time. I also seen a few sororities and fraternities representing their fraternal organizations colors and letters. This Monday’s  UNTAPPED  event featured Bob Wilson, Calli Graver, My Man Shafe and Laura Cheadle.  What better place to be but in the heart of the City enjoying LIVE Jazz, Funk, Soul and hip-hop on a stormy rainy night.


Jazz Guitarist, Bob Wilson was new to my ears. I love all music and anything that can make me stop and listen is what I call good music. Bob Wilson showed us some of his Flamenco guitar techniques and his drummer showed out and showed off on the drums. For more details on Bob Wilson, pay him a visit at BobWilson.com


I had to be a bit honest with My Man Shafe. I told him I was a bit skeptical as to what style or genre of music he represented just by his looks alone. He had flow, No! Doubt! My Man Shafe is Frat Boy who happens to have a bit of raw soul and funk in him. You can listen to more of Shafe’s music on SoundCloud


His band looked hot as they were setting up as if they were about the to do the dang thing and they were good. I noticed as I looked a little more his entourage looked a bit familiar too. It was good running into  “BIGCUZLIVE” and we will meet again soon and thanks for allowing me to be apart of Shafe’s interview.


Laura Cheadle got the party started and the crowd going at that tables with her Jazz mixed with blues. Laura is a singer/songwriter with the “Laura Cheadle Family Blues Band”. She had the support from her family and friends who supported her in the crowd and some on stage.Visit  LauaraCheadleMusic for show times, photos and new music.

Calli GraverCalli Graver from Lancaster, PA shared with us her sweet angelic voice, giving us opera and theater. She also attended the University of The Arts here in Philadelphia, PA  and you can take a listen to her voice at link below.



Tony Kauffman and Charlie Bartlett of KBM Productions (Photo Credit: TiffanyMoniQ)

Tony Kauffman and Charlie Bartlett of KBM Productions (Photo Credit: TiffanyMoniQ)

To find out more on Kauffman & Bartlett Music events, shows and services , visit them at KBMProductions


Kauffman & Bartlett Music Presents..



KBM UNTAPPED Industry networking and LIVE music at Hard Rock Cafe (Philly) 12th and Market Streets. Founded by Tony Kauffman and Charlie Bartlett, KBM hosts a bi-weekly showcase of “Philly Talent” in a networking environment. Anyone working in the industry, or who is interested in working in the music industry should come out and network.

There is no cover charge and the event is open to all ages. Oh! Did I mention “FREE ENTRY”