Winners Circle 2


The Star Island Groups ‘Winners Circle 2’ event was packed at the Underground Arts Sunday, April 13, 2014. Mad folks came out to support up and coming Philly artists Good Girl, MPrynt, Jeremy Isaac and many more.. The whole building was packed near the front of stage while Brianna Cash opened up for the anticipated wait of four sexy ladies, the flavorful, soulful, sexy quartet and the ever so charismatic gentleman. The Winners Circle was hitti’N I must say and I’m glad I got the chance to see what all the talk was about.


It’s been a while since the industry has set eyes on a sexy girl group. Good Girl! you say Mmmm! They look pretty darn naughty to me and when I say naughty I mean Naughty! LOL! They opened us up with the perfect introduction covering Janet Jackson’s ‘I Get So Lonely’ Performance  Megan as always wearing the perfect outfit to compliment her thick thighs, Morgan JL’s spunky fun-loving, naughty girl personality, Arielle and her sweet voice and that Bobbie ‘DanciN Bobbie‘ that is look like she don’t take no mess LOL. They were the official eye candy for the fellas that evening.


Next up MPrynt, the moment all the ladies in the crowd were waiting for. I looked around at the audience and noticed about half of the girls representing with their custom MPrynt Tees on, screaming Fah’s name it was hilarious LOL!. The fellas open up with Tyce of MPrynt covering Jay-Z feat Justin Timberlake’s Holy Grail Then out comes the sexy back-up dancers, Budda of MPrynt  ‘Mr. Sexy Chocolate’ is what they call’em LOL hit the stage and the crowd goes bananas. They looked good, sounded good and they did what they came to do.


Jeremy Isaac was not turning down, I’m saying tho ‘Turn Down Fo What’ LOL! It was fun, the house was packed. I apologize for the fuzzy photos and clarity. One of these days I’m going to hire a videographer and photographer to accompany me on events. You just had to be there to experience the new Philly Finest of that real R&B. The Star Island Group presents Winners Circle ll, MissLIV gives you two thumbs up.

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Bands & Roses Concert


Bands and Roses Saturday November 16, 2013 at the legendary Sigma Sound ‘The Stage’ was a stupid crazy good show, hosted by Philly’s own Sonny The Host. Once again I would like to thank the man behind all of this new emerging talent Su Picasso for inviting your girl Miss, LIV to enjoy an awesome show. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a good LIVE show and I’m glad I came out. Great music, talented people and yet another fun night with performances by….. Su Picasso, Lee Mekhai,  Chase Allen, Robbie Casablanca, Jeremy Isaac and ‘The Hangover’  and many more…..



 Jeremy Isaac and ‘The Hangover’  killed ‘The Stage’ at Sigma Sound with  Jeremy singing his rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Pusha Love Girl’ drawing the ladies to the stage for an up close and  personal serenade and yes he did it justice. 


Jeremy Isaac & The Hangover

Jeremy owned the stage. He gave good stage presence, he captured the audience attention and gave us a show. The Hangover was phenomenal. I love the sound of a live band…. It just does something to me to not only see but hear the keys, drums, bass and guitar make one sound. It’s the best feeling in the world.



Jeremy Isaac & The Hangover


Chase Allen did his thing too on ‘The Stage’ giving us a lil hip-hop showcasing his skills LIVE at Sigma Sound.


Chase Allen 

 It was a bit of a doosy in your girl getting to ‘Bands & Roses’. The cabby I hailed took me in the opposite direction when I gave him specific directions, so sadly I had to walk 5 blocks or so in 6 inch stiletto booties to Sigma Sounds (SHEESSH) my feet was so hurt. I should have known better knowing good and well I was going to an event (Trying to be cute).



Through all that I still managed to make my way to see my boy Su Picasso do his thing at his last concert of the year. Su Picasso has been ‘GriNdiN’ all year long. From performing in TokyoJapan to opening for Jay Z in Amsterdam, ‘Dreams & Guitars’ and now ‘Bands & Roses’. Talk about ‘Rock Star’ life…

Miss, LIV & Su Picasso

I can’t forget to shout out the handsome ‘Sonny The Host’ I was trying to get a good picture of Sonny but the way my height is set-up CTHUP! I think I got a good one though. Big ups to Sonny for doing an excellent job hosting Bands & Roses that evening.


Sonny The Host


Due to the time and my swollen feet I missed out on some of the very people I came to see, Robbie Casablanca & Lee Mekhai. I’m so sorry I missed you guys and I promise to see you next time. I heard you guys gave a good show and I’m looking forward to see you guys rock the stage.


More photos from the ‘Bands & Roses’ event below….



Su Picasso


Jeremy Isaac & The Hangover 
Su Picasso





Philly Sound Sessions

Philly Sound Sessions

Philly Sound Sessions, Tuesday December 3, 2013 at Voltage Lounge hosted by Trizzy TheMouth with music by DJ Jovi BabyPhilly Sound Sessions has held networking events over this past year to show case talent in many forms. Last evening, I got the chance to attend PSS last event of the year to meet Producers, Songwriters, and artist performing live. I would like to thank Dozi Doz of Get Go Productions for inviting me out for the night. 



Snippet of Host Trizzy TheMouth


Lately! I have been running into some familiar faces I’ve seen at a few events for year 2013. I’m not one to be an ‘All in Your Face’ type of person so I ran into the beautiful ‘Momma Enfiniti’ Momager, of Philly’s own Kayla Enfiniti who was in the building to perform last evening. 

Manager to R&B Artist Kayla Enfiniti

(Photo Cred: Miss, LIV)

Meanwhile, while I was ordering the strongest drink ever ‘Fish Bowl’ I looked up and it is was none other than Mr. Pusha Love himself Jeremy Isaac in the cut. I took 4 sips of my drink and I immediately I had a ‘Joker Smile’ on my face LOL! Whew! them drinks where strong. J Isaac offered to buy my next drink but Unnhh! Unnnhh! They would of had to carry me out the place and that wouldn’t have been a good look. I finally had the chance to meet Trizzy TheMouth in the flesh, by the way he is an FKD Alumni (Frankford High School) In the building 




Trizzy TheMouth
(Photo Cred: Miss, LIV)


Jeremy Issac
(Photo Cred: Miss, LIV)

Before I get into detail about my experience at Philly Sound Sessions I would like to make clear that my review has nothing to do with Get Go Productions, LLC or PSS as a team. My review is a reflection of the artist that performed.



First, I would to say that I was not impressed with the acts that graced the stage last night. Frenchie @JustFrenchie Taylor Martin @Tobyvent gave good performances and I’m sure Kayla rocked out and a few others that I didn’t get a chance to see. Most of the music and songs sound like something I heard before. To be honest DJ Jovi Baby should have rocked out the rest of the night on the 1’s and 2’s. Maybe I’m wrong but this is just my opinion, no I don’t claim to be an expert on music, but I know good music and good performances when I hear and see them. All I heard last night was a bunch of noise and words that rhymed. Again, I’m not referring to all the artist just the ones that I’ve seen.


Second, Music is supposed to move and inspire the people in the crowd and I didn’t get that feel. I’m sure each artist gave their all and it takes GUTS! to get up on stage and perform in front of critics. I do thank Dozi Doz once again for inviting me and I hope she doesn’t chop my head off for this not so good show (In my Opinion) LOL! 


Lastly! I enjoyed the atmosphere overall at Voltage Lounge. It kind of reminded of the warehouses in New York. I had the chance to visit the loft area on the second floor and it was pretty dope view. Wait for it………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 


Voltage Lounge Ladies Room

(Photo Cred: Miss, LIV)

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS? It looked like some chicks got into a fight up in there. The bathroom door is collapsed into the first bathroom stall. Now! If this isn’t a hazard. I had to take a picture of this mess right here to show you guys, Hey Voltage! I think you may want to fix this ASAP.

Miss, LIV Philly BayBEEy!!!!

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