Heineken Green Room.. Kamau, Nick Grant, Kitty Cash


Nick Grant performing LIVE! at Kung Fu Necktie May 3, 2017

Last night! I grabbed a quick bite to eat from Front Street Cafe before heading over to Kung Fu Necktie to see Hip-hop artist Nick Grant who performed (Click Here) for the first time in Philly LIVE! at Heineken Green Room event  feat… singer/producer Kamau and DJ Kitty Cash Wednesday May 3, 2017. DJ Kitty Cash warmed up the party as the crowd waited patiently for Nick Grant to take the stage. It was a relief to my ears to finally hear some real hip-hop BARZZ!.I wasn’t able to stay much longer to take a few flicks and capture any of Kamau’s performance but I will keep my ears open and keep you all posted.


DJ Kitty Cash at Kung Fu Necktie May 3, 2017

Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

The Underground Realroad UGRR Episode 2: Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

“Ima Support Mine ‘Cause You Mine”

Last week! I visited  IIrdFloorCountry Studios to sit in on the panel of The Underground Realroad’s episode 2 “Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own”. I’m sure all of us who are aspiring to be independent unsigned artists,  musicians,  actors, or even creative entrepreneurs wonder the same and ask ourselves the same question. Why is that when it comes to celebrities we show more love and make them our WCW and MCM’s but the homegirl around the way who we watched grind her way to stardom trying to make it won’t get the same love like Queen Bey why? Is it that the ones closest to us don’t believe that we can reach for the stars or is it that unseen silent hate?

Watch  to find out!

Part 1

Part 2

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B.R.E.A.D. EP Release Listening Party

Young Kings Media

The rain kept pouring but I still made it in town to see Jon Doe perform for his B.R.E.A.D. (Being Real Everyday All Day) EP release listening party on Saturday June 27, 2015 at Music Notch.  Jon Doe asked the fellas Hazie Blu Collective to join him on his special night as he gave the crowd a little taste of the ILLADEL. Up and coming Comedian, Uncle Blacc hosted the show showing off his dance skills while DJ Greg Nice put a little flava in our ears making the night Maddd Trill!!!



Young Kings Media

DJasquared215, Tiffany MoniQ, CodeNine (HBC) and ThedirtPhilly (Young Kings Media 2015)

Young Kings Media

Jon Doe “ILLADEL” & Music Notch (Young Kings Media 2015)

Young Kings Media

Comedian, Uncle Blacc (Young Kings Media 2015)

Young Kings Media

CodeNine & Tony Mac of Hazie Blu Collective (Young Kings Media 2015)

Young Kings Media

From Left to Right Que Musik, Seray Maven, CodeNIne Tiffany MoniQ, Wil Bond, Jone Doe, Tony Mac and (Front) Uncle Blacc (Young Kings Media 2015)