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Man of The House Concerts & Mikey G Presents…


LIVE! at The Trocadero Thursday August 1, 2013 Man of The House Concerts & Mikey G gathered some of the hottest talent on the rise in Philly. Hosted by Hugotae and DJ AMH your girl Miss, LIV had the honor of witnessing talent in many forms once again that evening. If you weren’t there you missed Kayla Enfiniti who reminded me of the late great “Aaliyah”  with her Tom Girl steelo, Vanessa IngrahmJames AllenDave WatsonHazie Blu and many more….

It was a doosey getting into the “Troc” not only did the guests have a time getting in but the performers as well. Standing outside for almost 2 hours was not a good look for the venue, I guess they were being “Sticklers” in giving us a hard time getting in but patience is key and I finally got through the doors. I didn’t get a chance to see all who performed (Bummer) due to me having to work in the A.M. but I stayed most of the evening to see some of the performers get their shine on.


Leon Tomas of Hazie Blu (Photo Credit: Miss, LIV)


Leon Tomas “Mr. Show Stopper” I call him. I ‘ve been noticing at each event I attend were Hazie Blu performs Leon seems to transform when he’s on stage. He stops tickling the keys, grabs the mic and the transformation begins.

CodeNine & Wil Bond of Hazie Blu (Photo Credit: Miss, LIV)

I also notice the bond that CodeNine has with his guitar as I watched him play. He tips his cap low and he’s ready to play. He holds her and caresses her as if he’s making love “I love the way he plays”Wil Bond was FunkiN the heck out of his BASS and Tony (Couldn’t get a good pic due to the darkness) in the background setting the tempo on the drums. What can I say, I fell in love with these guys ever since the first time I heard them play. I’m in love with the Blu……


Kayla Enfiniti (Photo Credit: Miss, LIV)


Kayla Enfiniti looked as if she was enjoying her first time on stage performing her single “On My Mind” feat…. McVeigh. I Loved her sexy “Tom Girl” persona it worked baby girl. Big thank you to Producer “Ferno” for letting me sit it and get an exclusive listen while I waited in the studio for my peoples to show up that evening. As soon as they pressed play I was sold. Trust and believe when I don’t like something I don’t like it but when I do “I Love It”


Vanessa Ingrahm has a beautiful voice, she and her background singers covered Beyonce’s “We Like To Party” Parteyyy, eyyy, eyyy… and sung a few originals of her own and some poetry sounding a bit like Lauren Hill. This was my second time getting a chance to see James Allen who always seems to get the crowd to participate with his fun loving energy. I don’t know how he does it, but when you got “IT” you just got “IT’.


 Miss, LIV


Philly BayBEEy!!!!