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Everyday is a fresh start for me. I look back over the past few years and I watched how much I have grown and that the obstacles that I have faced weren’t set in place to break me, they were to help build me and strengthen me. I honestly would not have learned much if I didn’t go through life’s many woes. In April 2016 I shared with the world apart me that has held me back in so many ways. Eventually I got tired of holding back so I gave you all  A Rose Forever Thorned  Writing it was like therapy for me and in releasing it I gave away the pain.

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End of Summer Book Signing



Ms. Debbie “A Rose Forever Thorned” supporter

My end of the Summer A Rose Forever Thorned  book signing was a success. I totally did not expect those who came and the support was out of this world. I’m a bit surprised at myself at how comfortable I was at greeting those who not only came to support me but those who came out to the 4th Friday Wine & Cheese to enjoy some light bites, cocktails and music. Nervous? Yes because I’m so not an in your face type of girl but it all went well. A few of my family members came out to show their love and support for my special day. My heart was glad to see faces of support and knowing that I have people in my corner rooting me on makes me believe in myself all the more.


Cousin Nell and Aunt Dell 

IMG_20160827_070515_854 (1)

Anthony Henderson and his Mother Ms. Jackie

I saw Ms. Jackie at a Singles 2016 event a few weeks ago and she said she was coming. I looked up from my table and who’s walking in the door Ms. Jackie LOL!. People don’t know how big of a smile they’ve put on my face that night. I work so hard behind the scenes making any way that I can out of no way and it feels so good to  know that there are people who actually care and support me in all that I do.

IMG_20160827_075014_202 (1)

Mr. Scott “A Rose Forever Thorned” supporter

I wish I could have snapped a picture with all who supported A Rose Forever Thorned but I was so busy signing and thanking all those who stopped by my table. Big SHOUT OUT! To those who won the giveaways from my raffle. It was nice to give away some free stuff and to see the smile on people’s faces when they receive free stuff too LOL. All of my friends and associates weren’t able to make but that’s okay there will be other dates to support and many other talents to love.



A Rose Forever Thorned

Enjoy a FREE KINDLE download of my memoir “A Rose Forever Thorned” now available on amazon. If you’re in the Philadelphia area this weekend come meet me at my end of the Summer book signing at  Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center 3870 Lancaster Avenue, Phila, PA 19104    from 6pm – 9pm. This is a FREE event so come on out and delight yourself in complimentary massages, make-overs, wine & cheese, cocktails and light appetizers.   >>> To RSVP click here <<<  I will also be doing a raffle to give away some cool gifts. If your not in the area but would like to support download yourself a FREE copy.

       Promo ends August 24, 2016 at 12a.m. EST.

A Rose Forever Thorned (Interview)


Soundwavez Radeo host “Illadelp” and Tiffany Moniq’ 8.18.16

It was an awesome yet nerve-racking experience being on the other end of the microphone at my interview with Soundwavez Radeo promoting my memoir A Rose Forever Thorned hosted by “Illadelp” host of The Banger Zone  . I myself used to  interview others and now it’s my turn to be in the hot seat and answer questions LOL. It’s been a few years since Illadelp and I sat in the booth together. We co-hosted events and were really active in the underground music scene for some time. I shared a few personal moments as well as giving you all a little taste of my song-writing skills so I blessed the mic with my first single ” I know You Care” take a sneak peek of my interview here   >>>> LISTEN <<<<




Author/Writer, Tiffany Moniq’ and Illadelp host of The Banger Zone at soundwavezradeo.com 

  This Friday August 26, 2016 will be my end of the Summer book signing for “A Rose Forever Thorned at Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center 3870 Lancaster Avenue from 6pm – 9pm. There will be complimentary massages, make-overs, wine & cheese, cocktails and light appetizers. Also, I will be GIVEAWAYS from yours truly (Giveaways are limited) so come on out to meet me if you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area this weekend. Look out! for my FREE kindle download this Thursday Aug 25, 2016.