Chipbutnodale 2016


CRUSH – Acoustic Jam  BTS flick 2013


Chipbutnodale 2016

Tiffany Moniq

The ‘Birdman Handrub’ works every time (JWoods Photography 2016)


‘Geekin Out’ with total strangers at UBIQ Holiday Party 2014


RL Snaggs 2016

Tiffany Moniq

My first shoot of the year and I nailed it (JWoods Photography 2016)


Check out my major ab’s on the new show Dancin On Air’  ( FUSE Network 2015)


I feel like a total ‘Cover Girl’ (JWoods Photography 2016)


I was totally feeling myself in the Summer of 2014 (Carvin Haggins 2014)

Tiffany Moniq

I had the best curls on the day of my shoot with Flashwerkz Photography until the rain, but hey I’m a natural girl so I werked it. (Flaskwerkz Photography 2015)

Tiffany Moniq

Flashwerkz Photography 2015


I never saw myself going topless or baring too much skin. I broke out my self-conscious box and allowed the caged bird inside FREE. (JWoods Photography  2016)

DBurton Photography (2013) Tiffany Moniq

This is one of my favorite shots from DBurton Photography shoot back in 2014. For some odd reason it always rains when it’s time for me to do a photo shoot and as usual I find a way to make it work. (DB Photography 2014)


I had so much fun doing this photo shoot. I was less concerned about looking perfect and more into having fun and expressing my fun side. (JWoods Photography  2016)

Tiffany Moniq

I was freezing on my way to meet with Philly rapper Ar-Ab for our up close and personal interview. I was new to the Interviewer/Journalist game and so I just allowed Ar to talk like an open book. I didn’t know what to expect going into the “Goonie Gang” studio but I had a crew with me so we were safe LOL Rise & Grind “The Interviews” Ar-Ab (Reel Life Vision 2013)

Tiffany Moniq

It was such a stormy day but I chose to admire the rain as if it were the sun. ( DBurton Photography 2014)

Flashwerkphotography (2015) Hazie Blu, The Bul Bey & Tiffany Moniq

That one time when I hopped in Hazie Blu Collectives photo shoot! That was a busy day for me running from one end of the city to the other. Earlier that day I had rehearsal at Millennium Dance Complex for the first taping of the 1980’s hit show “Dancin On Air”, so you know I was sweaty. I think I danced all my breakfast  out but that didn’t stop me so I ran over to Flashwerkzphotography Studio to show my boys some love and hop in their flicks. Hazie Blu Collective (Flashwerkzphotography 2015)

Tiffany Moniq, Hazie Blu ( 2015)

Prepping the boys Hazie Blu before the show at Connie’s Ric Rac 2015

Tiffany Moniq

The prelude to Tony’s beat down backstage (2015)


Bryan Carter creator of Main Course PHL and I at Charli XCX Listening party at Tattooed Mom’s 2014

Anthony Riley

Anthony Riley and I at a wine & cheese in 2015. A. Riley is a Philly native who with his gift of a voice turned all chairs around on season 8 of The Voice. Sadly days after he and I took this photo he took his own life. RIP Anthony Riley (2015)

Ar-ab & Tiffany Moniq (2013)

Top Goon Ar-Ab as they call’em! That night was one of the funniest in interview history. Talk about bloopers. This guy pictured here fell out, Yes! I said fell out his chair as we were filming for the interview. He had his special “Sizzurp” sitting right by him, so I asked, “What’s That?”, Ar-Ab, “Oh! This that stuff Weezy (Lil Wayne) is in the hospital for. In 2013 Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital for seizures in which his use of “Sizzurp” allegedly caused. Rise & Grind: The Interviews Ar-Ab (PenniumD Photography 2013)


Rise & Grind: The Interviews Episode #1 (Photography by: Pennium D 2013)


That time I interviewed the guys  ‘Butta’ of #ButtaNBizkit Platinum selling music producers of bnbmusicgroup (2014)

Tiffany Moniq

I have many gifts and one of them is my voice ( 2014 )

Tiffany Moniq

KBM 1 year anniversary at The Impact Hub (Philly) 2015

Tiffany Moniq

Where in the world is Tiffany? LOL! I totally ” Photo Bombed” these guys picture at the “Bands & Roses’ event at Sigma Sound (Photographer Unknown 2013)