What’s So Wrong With Ayesha Curry’s Tweet?



I don’t say much regarding celebrity matters but every week I keep scrolling by so many social media post about what NBA All-Star Stephen Curry’s  wife Ayesha Curry  tweeted about her personal style of dress compared to the latest trends most women wear.  I can’t believe how so many (Not all) people have become so offended by her opinion in her dress code.  It should be a good thing for any man or woman to not to want  follow the latest trends and have an opinion about their style of dress. I’m sure women who are comfortable wearing revealing ensembles love how they look in the clothes they wear so why is it a problem or even an offense when the next woman who chooses to dress modestly is bashed for expressing her choice of dress?.


Apparently Ms. Curry was reading a Style Weekly magazine, looked over a few photos and expressed her opinion on her style preference. She likes to keep the “Good Stuff” covered up for the one who matters and she has every right to. And she is right, there are many women who do run out to buy the latest trends to either fit in or feel sexy and it’s nothing wrong with it. Ms. Curry on the other hand chooses not to go for those choice of clothing  items because she doesn’t feel the need to wear barely naked clothing to feel beautiful and be at her sexiest.


She’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week he’s allowed to. Why should she rely on societies standards of what’s trendy, what’s hot or considered sexy? Me personally I like some of the trends then there are those trendy pieces that should be banned from ever hitting the stores. A woman can look and be sexy when she’s showing skin as well as covered up in all the right places. Her style of dress depends on the woman and what she chooses to wear and she should be allowed to voice her dislikes.  People are just knit picking at her twitter post only because of who she’s married too and that fact that she’s  quite a beauty without  all the extra add on’s most trendy women wear today HATERS!.They’re reading into her posts just a bit too much and adding their own interpretation of what they think Ayesha really meant to say when she just stated a simple opinion.





Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

The Underground Realroad UGRR Episode 2: Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own

“Ima Support Mine ‘Cause You Mine”

Last week! I visited  IIrdFloorCountry Studios to sit in on the panel of The Underground Realroad’s episode 2 “Why People Support Celebs More Than Their Own”. I’m sure all of us who are aspiring to be independent unsigned artists,  musicians,  actors, or even creative entrepreneurs wonder the same and ask ourselves the same question. Why is that when it comes to celebrities we show more love and make them our WCW and MCM’s but the homegirl around the way who we watched grind her way to stardom trying to make it won’t get the same love like Queen Bey why? Is it that the ones closest to us don’t believe that we can reach for the stars or is it that unseen silent hate?

Watch  to find out!

Part 1

Part 2

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Lindo Yes!

Lindo Yes!

It’s been a minute since I’ve taken some pretty cool pictures and so this past Sunday I shared a sneak peek of my photo shoot from a few weeks ago and the people loved it. They loved it so it got me a feature on sositomaske.com. Sositomaske is curated by Philly artist Lindo Yes! who promotes black excellence through his lyrics, art and spoken word.

Photography by: FlashwerkzPhotography

Model: Tiffany Moniq

“Shesus” (Lindo Yes!)


SheSus! A provocative and emotionally charged song that articulates the contribution and admiration for female activists. – Lindo Yes! 

Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration

Dupree Studios Eminent Domain Victory Celebration

Saturday April 25, 2015


Visual Artist/Painter Mr. James Dupree has finally won the battle against Eminent Domain Abuse by reclaiming the deed that was once taken and seized by the City of Philadelphia back in 2012. Dupree Studios in the Mantua section of West Philadelphia celebrated a victory on Saturday April 25, 2015 with live entertainment, great food, arts and crafts for the children and a tour of what this man has built for the community with his own hands.

Giadelphia – “Lean Back With Ya Retrospect” –  (FREESTYLE)

 The City of Philadelphia tried to seize and take owned property from the Mantua community by force but the man who couldn’t back down without a good fight WON! Sadly! 50 other residents and home owners lost their battle because they chose not to take advantage of their rights like Mr. Dupree and fight the system. Gia! the daughter of Mr. Dupree created a Change.org campaign to raise awareness and help her father take back what she has watched him build over the years. Thanks to the help of The Institute for JusticeArt Above Reality and many others for spreading awareness and fighting the good fight all for the love of the Arts.