4th Friday Wine & Cheese

Whole Unit Holdings

 Whole Unit Holdings has been providing one of the best networking events for 10 years and counting with their seasonal 4th Friday Wine & Cheese events. Guests can enjoy wine tasting, catered cuisines, complimentary massages and make overs. WUH hosts networking events each year starting March 2015 until August 2015 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Impact Hub Philly.

Every 4th Friday I make it my duty to go out and network with like-minded professionals  have a bite to eat and a few sips. This month I had no idea that WUH was having additional catered food for their guests. To my surprise it was more than enough! I was so busy picking and choosing what to eat that I totally forgot to get the caterers name and information to share with you guys (I’m such a naughty blogger).

To attend a Whole Unit Holdings 4th Friday Wine & Cheese event CLICK HERE to register!


I didn’t get a chance to taste these Yummy! treats since my belly was already full from the shrimp LOL! Veggie wraps, Salmon wraps (Caterer Unknown)


Virgin Green Tea and it looks like a few apples and fruit are marinating for a fruity taste along with Lemon aide , lemon slices and mint leaves. Refreshing! (Whole Unit Holdings TMoniQ June 2015)


I ate more food than I did sweet treats so I grabbed 1 watermelon cheesecake bite and went to town. I’m so sad my belly was full because I didn’t get the chance to taste the banana pudding that i’m sure was delicious. (Whole Unit Holdings TMoniQ June 2015)

City Under Siege ‘Music Showcase and Industry Mixer’

Co-Hosts Illadelph, Miss LIV & Will Simon


City under Siege Music Showcase and Industry Mixer was a success for the first event ever for UrbSocietyMagazine. Your’s truly Miss, LIV and CEO, Lateef  gathered some of the most hottest talent in Philly to grace the stage at Jollies LIVE to rock the mic, show-off and just do the dang thang. The hosts Will SimonIlladelp and I Miss, LIV gave the crowd a mix of  comedy, radio personality and Little sexy on the side.  It was pure hot  talent in various forms that evening and everyone who attended loved the atmosphere that Jollies LIVE offered, and enjoyed each acts live and in your face performances.  There were 9 of Philly’s hottest multi-talented artists that stepped foot on stage that night. They came not only for themselves but to prove that the music still lives in the heart of the City. They showed up and showed out all for the love and the sound of MUSIC.

Persia Sound


 My girl Persia Sound  lived up to her name as she sung along side her acoustic guitarist. The voice of soul with a bit of sassy funk ripped through the speakers. She allured the crowd with her voice and gave what everyone wanted, ” A Show”. She moved through the crowd and made her presence known and I’m pretty sure my co-host Illadelp can attest to the love he was shown that night LOL! I so love his vibe, TheBulBey  opened the show with his Hip-hop Philly boy steelo, got the crowds attention with his infamous Clap! Clap! Clap!…. Nice! it get’s the crowd going.  Jon Doe quiet guy but once on stage gave his all, it takes a lot of courage and faith in self to draw the crowds attention and he proved himself and I Salute! Kola Nutt  from Nigeria, Africa  introduced himself to the crowd with his World/Funk/Pop music. He added flava and set a tone all his style and to his unique rhythm.

Suzann Christine


Jamas Lamar


Who Dat? Su Dat! Su Dat who? Suzzan Christine  along with her dancers gave a all star performance. I don’t know how she managed in them heels but she did.  It takes a lot to dance, look pretty and sing all at the same time, and she did just that. Showing off them long legs owning the stage. James Lamar he’s so freakin cute, needs to be in a Kalvin Klein ad PRONTO!, and can saaaaanng. That boy made love to the mic that night. Mujahid Azeez gave the crowd a throw back with his old-school hip-hop feel along with Aquil Heru. It’s said that hip-hop is dead but is it really or is it that mainstream has turned a deaf ear to the sound of pure hip-hop that told stories of the struggle and triumphs of those who withstood adversity. Last but not least Hazie Blu a band of brothers, Leon TomasWil Bond, Cody “CodeNine” and Tony. One of the most multi-talented bands known in Philly today. They’re good at what they do and they work hard for it. You can feel the love and the groove as they beat the drums, pluck those cords and tickle the keys.  Again, each time that I get a chance to hang out with these guys I’m impressed. They play that true feel good music that we’ve all been missing.


CodeNine of Hazie Blu


Hazie Blu


It’s not easy getting support and love in the City of Philadelphia. But on  Saturday June 1, 2013 love was in the building. Mr. Kitt Owner of Jollies LIVE was gracious enough to allow yours truly Miss, LIV and CEO, Lateef to pull a first time successful event at the place where the working professional can come to unwind, sit back, relax and have a good time. Mr. Kitt was very helpful and generous and we appreciate him for opening his doors and believing in us. Big hugs and kisses goes out to the media that also showed their love and support that evening. PenniumD PhotographyLucid Brand MediaErikka Rainey (iProducers), Sincerely SyreetaHarry Fox Agency, Embacy Media, Soul You Know, TMMuzix, N.E.C. EntertainmentHip-Hop On Deck and the ever so lovely ladies from Verbally Loose.


What more could two young African-American entrepreneurs ask for? We had support and nothing but pure love. It took a lot of guts and courage for my partner and I to pull off an event quite like this one. To our surprise we did so well that the people can’t wait to see what we can do next. We walked away that night knowing that anything is possible no matter what you have or don’t have. God gives special gifts to those who He believes will share with the world and in turn opens up doors of opportunity for others to share theirs as well and that is what we accomplished on that night.  On behalf of UrbSocietyMagazine I would like to send air kisses and hugs to all of you who performed and showed your love and support. Seeing the smiles and the look of satisfaction on you guys faces confirmed that dreams still do come true………….

for more photos, visit  http://www.UrbSocietyMagazine.com


Miss, LIV —-Philly BayBEEy

Jade Alston

” Life is too short NOT to pursue your dreams”

— Jade Alston



Jade Alston’s “Kickstarter Happy Hour” on Thursday August 29, 2013 at the Dream Building was an enjoyable evening. I finally got a chance to meet some of the faces I’ve seen through social media and it was also a pleasure to meet and get to know some of the other talented folks that attended. The Happy hour event was hosted by Fashion DirectorAngelique Hunter of American Dreaming Magazine and Singer/SongwriterJade Alston. It was a small gathering with tasty healthy snacks, fine wine and some of Philly’s finest multi-talented artist.


Angelique Hunter, Miss, LIV & Jade Alston
(Photo Credit: Miss, LIV)

The Kick Starter Happy Hour event was a last minute idea of Jade and Angelique’s, to get to know some of the supporter’s and fans of Jade and to also promote her first album “We Will Live”. Over the summer life threw Jade a curve ball when she was diagnosed with a potentially deadly heart condition called…


MYOCARDITIS: An inflammation of the heart muscle. That is responsible for 20% of sudden deaths among young adults –WEBMD


Until this point Jade was afraid to to do an album and continue to pursue her dreams in music. However, this experience has given her a new appreciation for TIMELIFE and DREAMS. It takes a lot of courage and faith within oneself to continue to pursue a dream not knowing when or how much time one may have to do so. Jade was very upbeat and happy-go-lucky and I saw that her condition did not define her, her MUSIC and her drive to keep moving forward with TIME and LIFE does. I commend her for being strong at a time such as this and it was a pleasure to finally meet the lady who sings one of my favorite’s “Missing You Lately” one of Jade’s early tracks.


I’m so looking forward to the next Kick Starter event that I think will be “Karaoke” I hope so, so can finally do my rendition of Tina Turner’s “NutBush”  they call it NutBush city limits LMBO!


Fighters! Are those who stand and face adversity no matter what the situation may look like. Fighters! Are those who get knocked down but can always manage to get back up again. Fighters! Fight for what they believe in even when no one else does -MissLIV


Also, if you would like to hear  Jade’s music its free to listen on SoundCloud. If you haven’t heard the lost tape track “Come Back To Me” give it a listen and share NOW  https://soundcloud.com/jadealston/come-back-to-me-2-lost-tapes  


For all those who have gone through or who may be going through one of life’s challenges at this time remember “Life is too short to NOT pursue your DREAMS” -Jade Alston


Miss, LIV PhillyBayBEEy