A Rose Forever Thorned (Interview)


Soundwavez Radeo host “Illadelp” and Tiffany Moniq’ 8.18.16

It was an awesome yet nerve-racking experience being on the other end of the microphone at my interview with Soundwavez Radeo promoting my memoir A Rose Forever Thorned hosted by “Illadelp” host of The Banger Zone  . I myself used to  interview others and now it’s my turn to be in the hot seat and answer questions LOL. It’s been a few years since Illadelp and I sat in the booth together. We co-hosted events and were really active in the underground music scene for some time. I shared a few personal moments as well as giving you all a little taste of my song-writing skills so I blessed the mic with my first single ” I know You Care” take a sneak peek of my interview here   >>>> LISTEN <<<<




Author/Writer, Tiffany Moniq’ and Illadelp host of The Banger Zone at soundwavezradeo.com 

  This Friday August 26, 2016 will be my end of the Summer book signing for “A Rose Forever Thorned at Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center 3870 Lancaster Avenue from 6pm – 9pm. There will be complimentary massages, make-overs, wine & cheese, cocktails and light appetizers. Also, I will be GIVEAWAYS from yours truly (Giveaways are limited) so come on out to meet me if you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area this weekend. Look out! for my FREE kindle download this Thursday Aug 25, 2016.

Stolen Dreams In The Promised Zone (RECAP)

Previously! On March 1, 2014 I had the honor of interviewing Artist, James Dupree a world-renowned artist known by some and admired by many for his expressive art work at his Stolen Dreams In The Promised Zone opening reception. Over the weekend I stumbled upon some never before seen footage of Mr. Dupree and I’s  very first interview. Just recently Mr. Dupree and a few of  his “Artistic” friends visited Miami, Florida to showcase his works at Art Basel an art exhibit where artists from all across the globe come to showcase their many works. Mr. Dupree is relentless in keeping his dream and his love for art alive so much so that he plans a Mantua museum to keep the visual arts alive in the City of Philadelphia. Take a look at Artist, James Dupree has he fights to save the “ARTS”.

Stolen Dreams Part #1

Stolen Dreams Part #2

Y.A.U.C. (Young Artist Under Construction)

Philly Cartoonist YAUC! don’t sleep on natural talent




” Every time I’m in the street I hear, YAUC! YAUC! YAUC!” – Kendrick Lamar (m.A.A.d. City)

Art work by: YAUC

North Philadelphia born and raised Justin Richburg also known as “YAUC” to his many fans of his  American style “Anime” art work.  YAUC @YAUC_215 has burst onto the scene becoming one of the most sought after sketch artist to create  “Life Like” character designs for the likes of  WALEMeek MillDj Diamond KutsYoung SavageLee MazinASAP Rocky and many more. Justin Richburg  has been added to my personal list of one of the most talented artist in Philly. From drawing dollars bills as a child to becoming a character designer, this Art Institute of Philadelphia student shouldn’t have a problem landing his dream job with “Disney” as a professional cartoonist.


Justin Richburg aka…

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“Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone”

Dupree2 On Saturday, March 1, 2014 Philadelphia Artist, James Dupree held an open reception at the Durpee Gallery 703 S. 6th Street for his “Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone”  exhibit to show case his new works. Mr. Dupree has been in a battle with the City of Philadelphia and an  Eminent domain Law that has been threatening to demolish his studio. Through all of this Mr. Dupree still manages to find solace  through his paintings.  A story is being told with very few words along with colorful abstract features that’s pleasing to the eye. He invited those who could to join him  as he shares his love for art with the world and  urban community.


As always it’s an honor to meet not only talented but gifted educated individuals who have a  desire to share their gifts with the world. I was amazed at his art work and loved each piece for its unique expression. Each piece had a story to tell all their own, with abstract colors and images that expressed one’s inner soul.

When there aren’t many words to say, art can tell a story in many forms with a simple stroke of a brush that speaks volumes…. -Miss, LIV

James Dupree (2005)

James Dupree (2005)

Mr. Dupree had suffered a stroke many years back and while recuperating he still managed to continue moving forward  by painting self portraits and many other pieces as a form of therapy for himself as he recovered. It takes a lot of faith and strength to keep going in spite of set-backs and or circumstances.

James Dupree

James Dupree

“They will take what took a lifetime to build. Overnight!!” -James Dupree (Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone)

James Dupree

James Dupree

Each painting expresses his love for his art, the hard work it took for him to build and the sacrifices he had to make along his journey. ART! Is a raw and uncut expression. It’s seen in many forms especially in the urban  and poverty-stricken communities. It’s a way for those who have no other outlets to communicate with others who are and may be oblivious to the struggles of a people. Art shed’s a light on oppression, happiness, joy, pain and triumph for those to have a voice and to be heard.

James Dupree

James Dupree

“I want to decide when and if I sell my property, on my terms.” -Artist, James Dupree (“Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone”” Exibit)

James Dupree

James Dupree

In December 2012 the City of Philadelphia seized the deed of Dupree Studios and granted acquisition to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority in accordance with the  Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code.  City Hall has teamed up with private developers to transform the Mantua section, including the project and development of blocks, regretfully reducing Dupree Studios to a parking lot.

” Give Me Back My Deed” -James Dupree

James Dupree

James Dupree

Mr. Dupree story has buzzed so loud that it caught the attention of  Forbes Magazine , Philadelphia Magazine and many more…. I’m so glad that I had the chance to make it out to Mr. Dupree’s event to show my support. I believe Mr. Dupree is doing what any man or woman would do in a situation such as this. Anyone who has worked hard for what they have today with little to no help know what it’s like to have it potentially taken away for another purpose. Is it possible for those developers to find another location to place a parking lot? Maybe. I would like to thank Mr. James Dupree for sharing his ” Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone”.