A Rose Forever Thorned

A Rose Forever Thorned


Not many can defeat the beast of adversity and overcome it. Knowing one’s self-worth takes a lifetime for some and then there are those who have used the odds that were stacked up against them as fuel for the fire to keep striving and believing in their dreams. A Rose Forever Thorned tells the story of a young woman who did not allow her environment to make her a product of its circumstances. She defeated the odds by holding on to a dream that everyone told her not to believe. Tiffany Moniq is one of many who has conquered some of her many fears and had the courage to continue to believe and make her dreams come true. Her life’s journey has taken her from abandonment, physical, emotional verbal and spiritual abuse to a path of freedom, self- love and a healthy dose of self-esteem.

Even a rose has it’s imperfections yet beautiful in many forms. Sharp and prickly to the touch but beautiful to eye and worthy enough to be plucked and chosen for a special purpose. -Tiffany Moniq