Yesterday! I was invited out to meet the cast and crew of the newly anticipated Japanese Azteroids  The Live Play! Starring Stomp The Yard’s Darrin HensonVH1’s Jackie Christie and musical theater artist Alexandra Rush. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to be out in the field interviewing musical artists and talents so I decided to meet with a few of the cast members last evening for a small chat and a quick glimpse of what J.A. is all about. Writers, Tony Moore, Bisa Dawes and Ontario Kim Wilson takes you on a Sci-Fi, adventure journey of the infamous ruler HAIKI who sets out to destroy the world and humanity by releasing a deadly Japanese Azteroid on the City of Brotherly love. Future  the love of his love Odyssey and close friends are the only one’s who can stop HAIKI and her evil plan.

Love is the only weapon that can defeat evil of any kind and Love is the weapon that will bring together what was once torn apart.


Media Day Monday May 1, 2017 CEC Center 3500 Lancaster Ave. Phila, PA 19104

It was a full day at the CEC Center with auditions, castings and rehearsals going on but that didn’t stop the cast of J.A. from perfecting their acting skills and handling the media  for interviews. It was a pleasure meeting model/actress Stephanie Pham who plays (Zesay) the hired assassin Jonathan Polanco who plays (Optic) husband of (Cezmi) played by Yanellie Garcia and the many other talented actors/actresses who will be playing significant characters in the live stage play.  I ask that you all step outside of the box and take your minds on a sci-fi urban journey. I watched as they rehearsed each of their parts and these are not amateur actors in a small stage play and I can’t wait to see them all in complete custome and in full character. They all had my undivided attention at rehearsal so I know the play is going to be……. What do the kids say, “Lit”.

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