My Birthday Week


Sorry for the late notice! I had so much fun celebrating another year around the sun for a whole entire week. It all began at Southampton Russian & Turkish Spa with some new friends I made. I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures for you all because I did not want to misplace or get my phone went so I had to leave in the locker with the rest if my belongings. I served some tasty treats, got my Tea Tree oil and lavender body scrubbed, a deep tissue massage and to top it all off I dipped my tired body in the hot bubbling tub. I had a few brews and a tonic at Root Restaurant, and stopped by the Garage to have some more fun and kick ass in “Skee Ball”. Living in a City where food and fun is on almost every corner it wasn’t hard for me to stop in and visit Fette Sau. I couldn’t resist the smell of all that smoked BBQ meat so I had to taste.


Garage Philly (Fishtown)

After all that pre-partying fun I woke up on my birthday (April 6, 2017) to reflect on my entire life. Everything good, bad and the ugly made me into the woman I am today. As the day went on I decided to finish up on some music I’ve been writing and I completed song #4 off my EP Go Me!!. (You will be hearing music from me Summer 2017) That evening a friend of mine took me out to celebrate at Jollies West where there was an open bar on Thursday nights and I had a few of those delicious strawberry margaritas, danced to to some 90’s hip-hop and enjoyed a nice size piece of salmon with just the right spices YUM!!. To my surprise I had more fun stuff to do for the week so I met up with a  friend in town and we had an early dinner at the Oyster House Philly. We started off tasting their $1.00 raw clams and I followed with an order of the “Fisherman’s Stew” and a few brews. We topped off the night at Kostas Fishtown has a few shots of tequila and ended my week and half long celebration.

I started out not knowing what to do for my birthday and ended up celebrating almost every night with some cool peoples and close friends. I can truly say that I am loved deeply and it showed. Love you all for celebrating with me.


Tiffany Moniq’


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