Tiffany Moniq

I laugh at the time when my Grandmother would remind me of how hard it was for her to get me out of my Tomboy outfits and put me in a dress. She would say, “I was so glad when you traded in them Lumber Jack shirts and wrinkled jeans for a dress” LOL!. I didn’t care to be seen by boys at that time. I was more concerned with comfort than catching their eye. T-Shirts, jeans and sneakers were my go to and I wore my hair in a pontytail with a barrette on the end and very little make-up.

I used to get in trouble for fighting the boys in my neighborhood. They would bother me and so I would bother them but it wasn’t long before I outgrew my ruffian ways. I was 17 when my boyfriend at the time talked me into buying a dress for an interview. I was dressed to impress and looking like a young lady should. So, there you have it! In the end it took a boy to get me out of my Tomboyish ways.

Tomboys! We grow up to be SEXY WOMEN don’t we?

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