What’s So Wrong With Ayesha Curry’s Tweet?



I don’t say much regarding celebrity matters but every week I keep scrolling by so many social media post about what NBA All-Star Stephen Curry’s  wife Ayesha Curry  tweeted about her personal style of dress compared to the latest trends most women wear.  I can’t believe how so many (Not all) people have become so offended by her opinion in her dress code.  It should be a good thing for any man or woman to not to want  follow the latest trends and have an opinion about their style of dress. I’m sure women who are comfortable wearing revealing ensembles love how they look in the clothes they wear so why is it a problem or even an offense when the next woman who chooses to dress modestly is bashed for expressing her choice of dress?.


Apparently Ms. Curry was reading a Style Weekly magazine, looked over a few photos and expressed her opinion on her style preference. She likes to keep the “Good Stuff” covered up for the one who matters and she has every right to. And she is right, there are many women who do run out to buy the latest trends to either fit in or feel sexy and it’s nothing wrong with it. Ms. Curry on the other hand chooses not to go for those choice of clothing  items because she doesn’t feel the need to wear barely naked clothing to feel beautiful and be at her sexiest.


She’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week he’s allowed to. Why should she rely on societies standards of what’s trendy, what’s hot or considered sexy? Me personally I like some of the trends then there are those trendy pieces that should be banned from ever hitting the stores. A woman can look and be sexy when she’s showing skin as well as covered up in all the right places. Her style of dress depends on the woman and what she chooses to wear and she should be allowed to voice her dislikes.  People are just knit picking at her twitter post only because of who she’s married too and that fact that she’s  quite a beauty without  all the extra add on’s most trendy women wear today HATERS!.They’re reading into her posts just a bit too much and adding their own interpretation of what they think Ayesha really meant to say when she just stated a simple opinion.





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