Who’s That Girl?

Flaswerkphotography (2015)

Who’s that girl?

She’s mysterious, all lady with a hint of tomboy on the side, strong as an ox yet harmless and gentle as a dove. Who’s that girl? She’s rough around the edges, rather wear sneakers than high-heels, t-shirt and jeans she be on her chill. Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?

She’s strong, resilient, and let’s nothing get in her way. Who’s that girl? She’s sweet mixed with the right amount of spicy. Who’s that girl? She’s a lover carrying around the broken pieces of her heart holding on to the hope of being able to love again just one more time.
Flashwerkphotography (2015)

Who’s that girl?

She’s been broken, she’s been abandoned, and overlooked. Who’s that Girl? She’s one who gathered up all her broken pieces, she found refuge in the most high adopted by love and chosen because she’s great. Who’s that girl? She’s not your normal black girl that’s placed in a stereotypical box even though many try to place her there she’s not.

Who’s that girl?

She comes from the bottom now she’s rising to the top. Who’s that girl? They keep asking, but never take the time to find out so I guess they’ll never know.

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