The Trail

Tiffany Moniq

 I ran, I climbed, I walked and I jogged my way through this beautiful trail last weekend with a new friend of mine a German Shepherd named Kota!. Kota is a 8 month old pure GS (huge for his age) who’s smart as whip and gave me kisses before we went on our merry way LOL!. He checked on me through out the whole trail run to make sure I kept up with my running partner whose a pro at running not walking or jogging like I did. I pushed myself to do something I never thought I could do and I’m one not to back down from a challenge that will eventually benefit me in the long run so I ran The Trail.

As I ran, I slowed down a bit to jog then I walked my way through the trail. Each time that I began to complain about the pain and sweat I was reminded of how awesome the ending results are going to be. I was also reminded of the many trials and setbacks I endured to get where I am today. I cried many of nights hoping, wishing and praying that the pain and agony of heartbreak and neglect would go away but it didn’t. It was necessary for me to go through those emotions and feel that kind of pain for me to grow into this woman I see in the mirror every day. The very things that have hurt me at one time in my life has now made me strong and to be honest I’m still surprised at my non responsiveness towards negativity that I may encounter. My heart has not harden I just transferred the love I gave a little bit too much to others towards myself.

I’m just evolving and it’s so damn beautiful


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