4th Friday Wine & Cheese

Whole Unit Holdings

 Whole Unit Holdings has been providing one of the best networking events for 10 years and counting with their seasonal 4th Friday Wine & Cheese events. Guests can enjoy wine tasting, catered cuisines, complimentary massages and make overs. WUH hosts networking events each year starting March 2015 until August 2015 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Impact Hub Philly.

Every 4th Friday I make it my duty to go out and network with like-minded professionals  have a bite to eat and a few sips. This month I had no idea that WUH was having additional catered food for their guests. To my surprise it was more than enough! I was so busy picking and choosing what to eat that I totally forgot to get the caterers name and information to share with you guys (I’m such a naughty blogger).

To attend a Whole Unit Holdings 4th Friday Wine & Cheese event CLICK HERE to register!


I didn’t get a chance to taste these Yummy! treats since my belly was already full from the shrimp LOL! Veggie wraps, Salmon wraps (Caterer Unknown)


Virgin Green Tea and it looks like a few apples and fruit are marinating for a fruity taste along with Lemon aide , lemon slices and mint leaves. Refreshing! (Whole Unit Holdings TMoniQ June 2015)


I ate more food than I did sweet treats so I grabbed 1 watermelon cheesecake bite and went to town. I’m so sad my belly was full because I didn’t get the chance to taste the banana pudding that i’m sure was delicious. (Whole Unit Holdings TMoniQ June 2015)

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