Throw Back!


Easter in the 80’s


The other day my Grandmother was going through some old photos and found a few pictures of me. I don’t have many childhood pictures like most I have more memories in which I reflect on good times and reminded of the bad. I come from a generation where we as children played outside ride bikes and the us girls trying to show off doing tricks on our roller skates. We respected our elders, went in the house once the lights came on and the TV sign-off after the national anthem.  We read books, wrote letters and talked on the phone. Times have changed, values and morals are slowly diminishing and the word LOVE no one displays the very definition of. I pray for the days when we all can have a Throw Back!.


Things were simpler then!  A whole neighborhood was like family. Parents looked out for each others children not as a duty but because they were Mothers and Fathers themselves and wanted nothing but to keep the little one’s out of harms way. $1.00 used to could get me 2 bags of chips a hug and some penny candy and cookies from the neighborhood store. I can’t forget about them delicious “Philly Pizza Pretzels” that cost only $0.50 the cheese, the sauce YUMM!. We played hopscotchred light, green light, and double dutch (jump rope). I pray for the days when we all can have a Throw Back!




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