Not For Sale

What woman in her right mind don’t dream about having the finer things in life, like going to 5 star restaurants, rocking the latest outfits, pushing the illest ride and go on mini vacations and trips? We all do! but at what price? I grew up in an environment where some women only dated Ballers and Dealers because they knew he could shower them with lavish gifts and make them look Hood Rich without actually working for it. The goal in some women’s mind today is to sit around look cute and find them someone who can buy them shoes, pocket books, hair did and nails did. They can’t cook, and can barely sew up a hole in a sock but they know how to be cute and  twerk! I don’t know how many times I heard, “He got me this! He got me that!, He paid for this and he paid for that”  Whoa! Let me get this straight so he’s supplying all these material needs and what are you giving him in return? Well! At least I’m not giving up none for free!”, Well the difference between you and me is I’m Not For Sale.

When I lie down it’s for my pleasure not for compensation. I guess many forget that prostitution does not only mean that one stands on a corner looking for a party it also means that one exchanges sex for money and/or goods. I get highly offended when people assume that my nice purse and cute outfit was purchased by a “Sugar Daddy” as if I’m not capable of earning wages to not only provide for myself but to buy nice things as well. People would be surprised at the cute little swanky stuff that I wear was actually purchased at Ross, Rainbow Joyce Leslie clothing stores. I can find almost anything anywhere due to my small petite frame and I love bargains. Since I have a little creativity flowing through my veins I take joy in saving money doing my nails, my hair and makeup. I don’t feel less than because I don’t have a certain item or what everyone else has. I like my own originality and the fact that I can look like $$$ without spending that much of it. I don’t make Gucci money yet so why would I buy Gucci clothing. I don’t live in a gated community so why in the world would I drive around in my hood with suicide doors and LOL! That would be silly.

Yes! I’ve had gifts and things thrown at me and recently an invite to a 30 day cruise around Europe by someone I just met. You read right Europe! I decided not to accept because I knew that it would be a hefty price to pay. He told me all that all I would need is my I.D. and Passport and I’m like What!? you barely even know me and you want to spend $$$$ on me I don’t think so. If I would have accepted that offer you know, I know and everybody momma know that he would have been waiting on the panties to fall and whatever else he might have wanted to happen, happen. I don’t even go over county lines with a man I just meant let alone a whole other continent LOL. I would have paid my dignity, my self-worth and my self-respect as a woman in 30 days all for a nice trip.

I had to let him know from the door that I am Not For Sale!

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