Dancin On Air

Tiffany Moniq

Pictured: Producer, Mike Nise and DOA contestants

In April 2015 I auditioned for the new “Dancin On Air” reality show. For those who may not know Dancin On Air was a 1980’s dance music reality show that help launched the careers of some of the most talented recording artists we have grown to love or have grew up watching which includes Will Smith as (Fresh Prince), Madonna, and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Growing up I used to watch reruns of Soul Train and imagined myself as a teenager in the 1970’s dancing down the soul train line doing all the latest dances. I’m not your typical jump up in the air, kick split dancer but I have rhythm and my legs and hips work great when it comes to stepping.

Tiffany Moniq

 We were so hungry and didn’t want to leave to go grab a bite before our time was up so while we were waiting to do the second part of our audition Musician/Actor Ian Ashanti aka “Juggernaut”  walked over with one of my favorite bag of Utz’s Bar-B-Q chips to keep our growling stomachs quiet. Mr. Nise is well Nice! as he was giving us a little background on D.O.A. and told each of us how lucky we are to be walking in the foot steps of some of the most talented dancers, singers, and actors we see today that once appeared on his show.

Tiffany Moniq

Former D.O.A. member Anita Forman (who took the photos seen here) also chatted with us about her experience as a teen on the show and how this one opportunity can change all our lives. I had no idea what to expect as I walked into Millennium Dance Complex to see so many talented dancers do their thing as some rehearsed for shows and others such as myself waited to be called on to audition. I’m a bit camera-shy but to my surprise I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me at all. I went into that audition as myself and I came out a member of the D.O.A. crew.


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