Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Inspiration can come from anywhere for Me!. Anytime and at any place I find myself hunting for a pen and a piece of paper or anything to write on to express what was given to me at that very moment. At times, I can be on my way to sleep and the most inspiring words can engulf me. I was on Instagram and I ran across this photo and it totally inspired me to write. It doesn’t have to be Black History Month for me to celebrate my “Blackness” and I’m not on the so-called “black Power” trip as many would sarcastically say. I’m just taking advantage of my FREEDOM to express.

Sometimes at night I look in the mirror and I see what they hate but try so hard to be. Full lips, skin kissed by the sun, sweet and decadent like chocolate. Strong and fearless as a lioness yet so soft  like a dove and full of peace. Kinky! Straight! Curly and free she be, she be Me!.

Funny thing is they always seem to judge me without getting the chance to never really know the true Me!. Never bothering to ask questions to prove their suspicions right or wrong. They believe the negative images they see on TV rather than seek for themselves and just simply get to know Me!. They rather assume, label, place me in categories, and stereotypes to control and contain Me!.

People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer. – Andrew Smith

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