Queen of Hearts RECAP 2.5.15

Parris Love' (Lexphotography.net)

Parris Love’ (Lexphotography.net)

The Queen of Hearts II event was more than just a night of MUSIC! It was a night of honoring and showing love to those who have dedicated themselves to becoming leaders and empowering other women who have traveled rough journeys through out their lives. It’s not easy being transparent and opening oneself to allow others to see that they to can be a overcomer. Empowerment Speaker Shirelle ‘Diamond’ Hogans  and Praise 103.9 radio host Desiree ‘Dezzie’ Neal  were honored for their outstanding leadership and dedication in being positive examples in the lives of many.  Guest enjoyed nothing but deliciousness with Bang Bang Shrimp, Scallops, Lamb, Jerk & Curry Chicken all compliments by Stardarcatering.com.

Take a Look! (Lexphotography.net)

These two women exuded “Empowerment” just by listening to the stories of their journey and how they did not allow their circumstances to dictate the outcome of their future was a joy. They refused to become products of their environment and in turn became greater women.  Each of us have a story to tell to let others know that were not alone even though at times we may feel as if it is only us going through the suffering but to know that there are those who have gone through the fire and still be able to tell their story gives hope.

Honorees : Desiree 'Dezzie" Neal and Shirelle  'Diamond' Hogans (Lexphotography.net)

Honorees : Desiree ‘Dezzie” Neal and Shirelle ‘Diamond’ Hogans (Lexphotography.net)


Jasper Stone (Hand made by Parris Love')

Jasper Stone (Hand made by Parris Love’)

My DOPE Chick Ms. Parris Love’ gave the Queens and background vocalist some lovely gifts for us to wear on our BIG day. I’m only wearing my ring when it’s time for me to get straight snazzy LOL!. I would definitely hate to lose this jewel.


Gail Rene (LexPhotography)

Gail Rene (LexPhotography)

I’m used to being in the audience enjoying the show but thanks to these lovely ladies I got the chance to sing background vocals behind these “Power House” vocalist.  Gail Renee, Parris Love’ and Catrisha Utley did an excellent job giving us some Jill Scott, Leidsi and Shania Twain to honor the two Queens of the evening. There was nothing but love in the room and I can’t wait to be apart of yet another successful event.

From Left Rahmir, Kanesha and I

From Left Rahmir, Kanesha and I   (Lexphotography)

It felt great to be amongst some great vocally skilled singers. It’s been many years since I’ve sung in front of any kind of crowd and on this night it reminded me of my destiny. My experience at the Queen of Hearts event gave me hope and the courage to do it again just by seeing and listening to the women of the evening sang their hearts out I have no choice but to walk in the calling I was given.

Catrisha Utley (LexPhotography)

Catrisha Utley (LexPhotography)

Photos and video by www.LexPhotography.net For more information on upcoming New Breed events visit www.NewBreedEvents.net

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