Strong On my Own

The one’s who survive are those who can be Strong On Their Own #TiffanyMoniQ #DreamSingWrite

Tiffany Moniq'


Many people don’t know or even realize how much strength it takes to keep one’s head held high in the midst of struggle and to survive. Every strong person I know of has been knocked down countless of times, but no matter how many times they’ve been knocked down they always seemed to have enough strength to get back up and try it again. Lately! I’ve been feeling a bit emotional and it takes a lot out of me to be Strong On My Own!

I’m at a place where I need someone to be strong with me, for I can’t always be Strong On My Own…..

I’m strong on my own because I have no choice but to be. I’m not having a pity party or looking for sympathy, I just need to get this out. As I stated before writing is therapy for me and it helps me to…

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