Happy New Year!


2014 was the year of growth, wisdom and maturity for me in so many ways. Looking back I can see all the changes, the challenges and the set-backs but yet I managed to keep my head up and learn how to self-motivate through it all. I had a blast and found positive ways to enjoy myself and I also got the chance to meet some very inspiring and encouraging people all in one year. Then there were times when I wanted to give up and throw away all the hard work I put into myself and my DREAM!. I had to learn patience and learn how to be more open and allow love to come my way. I don’t do “Pity Parties” I’m just reflecting on yet another year that many have not gotten the chance to see or even celebrate the New Year that is to come. Happy New Year 2015

I lost a dear friend of mine coming into the year 2014 not even two full days in . It rocked my foundation and it caused me to look at my life and see where I could make adjustments and make better choices for my future ahead. It is true that when we lose things/people it is then that we realize what we have and what/who is actually important to us. I’ve learned yet again who’s for me and who’s against me and it’s okay.  I can move on without feeling any guilt or resentment because I’ve matured to a point where I appreciate it all and I thank those for allowing me to see their truth. I appreciate the good, the bad and the ugly because they all have and is still  molding me into the woman I am today and the even greater woman I will be tomorrow.

Many don’t know that my life changed dramatically starting from the inside on out about 3 years ago. From leaving all that I knew who and what I was used to, to go and follow an unknown destiny. The more I ignored my DREAM(s) the louder they called out to me. I was in a comfort zone like a shell that I was so afraid to come out of but once I did my life changed right before my very eyes. I saw what others couldn’t see, I felt what others couldn’t feel and I believed what others did not want to believe and so I took a leap of faith and broke all the rules when I decided to become ME!.


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