Stolen Dreams In The Promised Zone (RECAP)

Previously! On March 1, 2014 I had the honor of interviewing Artist, James Dupree a world-renowned artist known by some and admired by many for his expressive art work at his Stolen Dreams In The Promised Zone opening reception. Over the weekend I stumbled upon some never before seen footage of Mr. Dupree and I’s  very first interview. Just recently Mr. Dupree and a few of  his “Artistic” friends visited Miami, Florida to showcase his works at Art Basel an art exhibit where artists from all across the globe come to showcase their many works. Mr. Dupree is relentless in keeping his dream and his love for art alive so much so that he plans a Mantua museum to keep the visual arts alive in the City of Philadelphia. Take a look at Artist, James Dupree has he fights to save the “ARTS”.

Stolen Dreams Part #1

Stolen Dreams Part #2

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