Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts celebration was the first of many presented by New Breed Events at Indigo Bleu Design Concepts Monday November 10, 2014. Friends old and new came to show love and celebrate Kim Pinder-Garner who slayed the late Phyllis Hyman’s ” I Refuse to Be Lonely”, Tomika Lynn Miles and many others being honored and inducted into the “Queen” Hall of Fame not only for their hard work and dedication to their crafts but for also being women who can hold a “Queens” position. These lovely ladies Lumiere Blu, Janee Latrice, Katurah Duncan, Gail Renie, Tuku Favor and Michelle – Lee came to show their love and support by honoring these women with their melodic vocals, words of inspiration and some funky sounds.

Nyeta Sasha Ninon Allen

Nyeta Sasha Ninon Allen

One Queen in particular stood out to me and she almost had me and everyone else who was in the room that night in tears.  I had to literally tap my lids a bit to keep tears from falling and messing up my make-up LOL!. Queen, Nyeta Sasha Ninon Allen of Happy Couture shared an empowering story of  resilience, courage, determination, faith in self and a breast cancer survivor. Her words hit home when she spoke about how so many told her what not to do, and who not to be. She went against her naysayers and became what God wanted her to be. Year-after-year and day-after-day new gifts were born just like fruit from a tree.

Nyeta Sasha Ninon Allen

Nyeta Sasha Ninon Allen

A good tree continues to bare nothing but good fruit. A good tree continues to stand in the midst of stormy weather never allowing its roots to be broken.

 She’s anchored in a strength like no other, she’s able to overcome many obstacles that get in her way and she will not be defeated.  -TiffanyMoniQ

 It was an honor and a delight to be in the presence of women for a change in this male dominated industry. I was so busy enjoying the evening and listening to all of the women’s stories I forgot to take a few photos and video for you all to see but I and many others were encouraged to CREATE! to EXPRESS! and to DREAM! SING! & WRITE!


  1. I was inspired as well. I didn’t get a chance to speak to her that night, but trust…. I felt her passion.


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