Best Things I Never Had

I shed no tears over my past for they were some of the Best Things I Never Had

Tiffany Moniq'

Best Things I Never Had


I remember praying years ago asking God for this and/or that and actually crying real tears to have them in my life because I thought I needed them. At that time I thought that what and who I wanted was for me and I knew for a surety that I had my best interest at heart. Now! I pray and tell God thank you for not giving me what and who I thought I wanted and I cry real tears of  joy and some sort of relief  for not having them. Many times who and what we want is not who and what we need. I’ve been learning PATIENCE and how to WAIT this past year and it was not easy but it was so necessary and I’m humbled by the growth and wisdom I picked up along the way.

When I allowed PATIENCE to…

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