The Great EScape


It will be almost 4 years since I decided to leave all that I knew to gain control over my life. It was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Since then, I have gained for the first time in my life self-love and a strength like no other. It felt like a breath of fresh air to escape from the things that were holding me back from pursuing all that I dreamed of. I was accustomed to religious rituals living a life of mediocrity where my dreams were too small or better yet not big enough….

After all that I’ve been through I had no choice but to develop a tough skin. For those who didn’t like or understand my change  became agitated because they no longer had that power over me anymore.  I’m not mean by far  I just have a bit more strength than I used to, to not allow the negativity that I may encounter  affect me. I do my best to shun away from the appearance of all evil and I now know who the wolves are that wear sheep’s clothing.  I was  always treated different because I was just plain different. I went through so many emotional rollercoasters trying to be what someone else wanted me to be that I never got the chance to find out what it was that I liked and who I wanted to be until that day.

I’m glad I had enough courage to leave behind all that I knew. In leaving I felt the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders finally breathing in the fresh air and exhale away all the pain.  My true personal journey with God started the day that I escaped. Many of you may ask why I used the title “The Great EScape” well that’s what I did! I escaped. To escape is to break free from bondage, to break free from slavery, to break free from anyone or anything that’s trying to take your free will from you.  I promised myself to never be bound by the traditions of men and allow another flawed being tell me what I am not.


I can fly freely now so let me fly!

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