Best Things I Never Had

Best Things I Never Had


I remember praying years ago asking God for this and/or that and actually crying real tears to have them in my life because I thought I needed them. At that time I thought that what and who I wanted was for me and I knew for a surety that I had my best interest at heart. Now! I pray and tell God thank you for not giving me what and who I thought I wanted and I cry real tears of  joy and some sort of relief  for not having them. Many times who and what we want is not who and what we need. I’ve been learning PATIENCE and how to WAIT this past year and it was not easy but it was so necessary and I’m humbled by the growth and wisdom I picked up along the way.

When I allowed PATIENCE to have her way I saw things I couldn’t see before because I could only see what I thought I wanted. Many of the things I wanted was some of  The Best Things I Never Had –TiffanyMoniQ

I hope I don’t sound too PREACHY I’m just sharing a piece of  me with all of  you. I don’t know everything and I haven’t gotten it all figured out either but what I do know is I’m so glad that many of my prayers were not answered. I’m so glad that who  I thought I wanted at that time didn’t want me, because only God knows what the true outcome of those situations would have turned out to be. Since then I have grown to realize that some of those things and people I prayed to be in my life was some of the Best Things I Never Had. Someone once said to, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it” (Author Unknown) so  instead of me asking God for things as if He was a genie, I just rest in the hope and ask for more strength to get through instead of asking for my wants. What’s for me is for me and the only thing I really have to do is just “BE”.  To be just where I am doing what it is that I’m doing. Having the freedom to just “BE” is a blessing within it’s self.

I learned that the grass only looks greener from afar -TiffanyMoniQ

I’ve had the opportunity to actually run into certain people who at one time I thought I wanted and now years later I see them and all I have to say is thank you God for not giving me who I asked for. Time gave me the chance to look at those situations from outside of the box. When in those situations I couldn’t see the bigger picture or the true them.  I was  in love/like with the idea and fantasy of them and not the reality of who they truly were. Many of us grow apart and what we want today may not be what we want the next. Patience and waiting is so necessary and I’m glad I experienced these two and many more all in less than one full year. I honestly have no reason to be resentful or angry over my past because it has taught me many valuable lessons. I am the only one who can tell my story better than anyone else because there is only one me. I don’t have it all together and I have so many years of growing and learning ahead of me. No regrets! No hard feelings! and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just so glad that some of  you were just some of the Best Things I Never Had.

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