The Breed Studio

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 I finally got the chance to sit down and chat with music producer, songwriter, and musician Tony Moore. As we sat in his ‘Zen’ Office we not only talked about the music biz,  he also shared with me his journey into finding  peace and how excited he was about his future now that he’s about to carry on a rich music history. The Breed Studio formerly known as The ‘J’ Room has been sitting for years waiting for someone to take over its legacy and that someone is Tony Moore.  In 2015 doors that were once closed will be re-opening to introduce the new “The Breed Studio”.

“The First thing I picked up was PEACE, and I’ve never had PEACE in my life until now” -Tony Moore


 Many may ask,  “How can one not have PEACE when they seem to be living the good life and have all the things money could buy?” Little do many people realize is that money can not buy peace just like money can not buy happiness. PEACE! Is Freedom. There is tranquility in having a peace of mind outside of material gain, the cars, the clothes, condo’s and all the other nice things money could buy. Who wouldn’t want to live the glamorous life and work with some of the most talented artists that many of us only get to see on TV.  The music industry is so fast paced and I’m sure it’s hard to sit back and find oneself in a state of peace let alone a peace of mind.  In the midst of all the success and perks that came along with being Tony Moore he had to take a step back, set himself apart and remember why and who he was doing it all for. In doing so doing so he  found something he’s never got to enjoy, which is PEACE!.

“I love to see people who are pure hearted and passionate” -Tony Moore

 5629610818019779634Many people choose to do what’s popular over what is right just to please others instead of following their hearts desire. Passionate people are doers who are courageous and the audacity to do everything that drives them to keep going no mater what others may think or how the circumstances may look. Everyone of us are called for a purpose greater than ourselves.  It takes a strong resilient person to overcome and allow their passion and hearts desire to push them onto the next level of success.


The next level is already here! In 2015 “The Breed Studio” will be opening its doors inviting all to come witness  “The Wonder Room”.  Now! You may be asking yourself where did he get the name like “The Breed Studio”?. We’ll find out in the New Year. For more on  The Breed Studio and New Breed Events visit

 Follow Tony Moore >>>  Twitter: @TonyMooreBoogie, Facebook: TheBeardedwonder Tony Moore and Instagram: @ThebeardedwonderTonyMoore

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