Color Blind 2 (Ivben Taqiy)

Color Blind 2

‘Ivben Taqiy Art Show’

color blind 2 121

Color Blind 2 event LIVE! at Blink Optical 415 South Street Philadelphia, Thursday August 28, 2014. This was not the first art show I’ve been to for Ivben Taqiy. I’ve watched him over the years as he progressed and matured as a visual artistic painter and artist.Thanks to Blink Opticals the guest enjoyed complimentary sandwiches freshly made by Primo Hoagies, tasty sweet treats by “Sweet Treats by Saleemah”  and delicious cocktails by Exclusiv Vodca.  @DjMajor215 was on the one’s and two’s, photographers all over the place waiting to take pictures and pop-up appearances by a few local Philly favorites.

color blind 2 141

MJ & Mr. T – Ivben Taqiy



Sweet Treats by Saleemah ” Never let your day too busy to enjoy the SWEET TREATS in life” – Saleemah


color blind 2 165

Ms. Kat & Aunt Nya


color blind 2 162

A. I. Allen Iverson (Ivben Taqiy)


color blind 2 148

Alexander Rozay (Ivben Taqiy)



color blind 2 166

Zeek The Experience


color blind 2 180

MUA ‘Shades of Jacen and Ivben Taqiy


color blind 2 120

TiffanyMoniQ, Ivben Taqiy & Ealice of Blink Optical (Photo Credit: Nya215)


color blind 2 161

Color Blind 2 Guests (Photo Credit: Nya215)


color blind 2 126

Color Blind 2 Bartender (Photo Credit: Nya215)


color blind 2 123

My aunt Nya came along with me and we had a BLAST! as always when she comes in to town. All ‘Photo Credit’ goes to her (Color Blind 2 8.28.14



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