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KBM Event

KBM UNTAPPED “Industry Networking and Live Music”Monday June 30, 2014 LIVE at Hard Rock Cafe (Philadelphia) Presents… Sara Abo-Harb, The Late Saints, Dunson, and Kriss Mincey to start off their every first and third Monday’s event live at Hard Rock Cafe. Co-founders of KBM ProductionsTony Kauffman and Charlie Bartlett has given us Funk, Pop, R&B, Rock, Gypsy Rock and Hip-Hop all in one night.

I finally ran into them boiz “Philly PhatBoiz” with all three being together. Last Year I interviewed the guys and Clay “Gravy” wasn’t able to be in attendance, but I’m glad I came out not only to see all the guys together but to also finally meet Kenton Dunson. Dunson who looks a bit like an R&B crooner who’s about to serenade the ladies  He hails from the DMV area who has the flavor of an Hip-hop artist with…

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