Let Go!

Just LET GO!



To let go is to free a person, situation and or thing and I’m glad to say that I have and still am. It wasn’t easy and I believe that I didn’t let go all on my own.  I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past 2 years and there were many issues I had to face and many things and people to forgive. Honestly! There are still more issues that I have yet to face but I did however learn to ‘Let Go’. 

I ‘Let Go’ because I could no longer carry the weight…

I’m particularly referring to a traumatic situation that took place exactly 1 year and 2 months prior that really shook my foundation for last time. I had to choose between my freedom and my desire to retaliate the same physical treatment. My mind went blank and my human nature wanted the satisfaction of treating that individual…

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