Dream Snatchers

WATCH! There everywhere DREAM SNATCHERs



They are those who  always seem to find a destructive way to critique you by making ‘SNIDE’ comments and/or remarks because they feel threaten by you. They point out your faults or better yet create a fault against you to overshadow your accomplishments to try and bring you on a low level of misery such as themselves. It makes me chuckle a bit when some claim to be giving ‘Constructive Criticism’ and they know full well that their really making under handed comments to try and plant a seed of ‘Discouragement’ to get you to second guess your purpose and place in life.

Don’t take it personal Surround yourself with like minded positive driven folk to sustain you during the ‘DREAM SNATCHER’ season….

Most Dream Snatchers are very close friends, family and those we admire. The other day I asked someone their opinion about a lipstick color I…

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