What You Know Bout Me?

Its funny how people claim to know you better than you know yourself




It’s funny how people claim to know a person based off  their own perceptions and what they think instead of actually knowing who a person truly is. We are all guilty of believing in our own beliefs and assumptions as to what a person may look like, how they dress and so forth. In order to know a person one should just simply get to know them. I think it’s some what hurtful to assume a thing without knowing all the details and knowing full stories. Grown men and women till this day will rely on someone else’s perception instead of finding out on their own. I’d like to share a few things about myself that some may not know and hopefully this will put to rest all the wondering and guessing.


“She probably has a sponsor”, they say…

Nope! Everything that I posses comes from my pocket. I work…

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